NJ Luxury Wedding Vendor: Make Me Up Eva

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Spotlight on NJ Luxury Wedding Vendor: An Exclusive Interview with Make Me Up Eva

New Jersey is home to some of the industry’s most incredible luxury wedding vendors. We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our absolute favorites! Let’s meet the fabulous Eva Gerapetritis of Make Me Up Eva, one of the leading on-location makeup artists in the Garden State.

Eva masters her craft, making clients feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves on their special day. We should know since she and her team have also done our makeup on several special occasions!

Meet Eva Gerapetritis: The Artist Behind Make Me Up Eva

Eva’s incredible journey into the wedding industry started with her fascination for makeup artistry. After college, she eagerly enrolled in makeup school, where her talent and passion flourished. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, she quickly made her mark in the world of wedding beauty. Since the launch of Make Me Up Eva in 2016, Eva has dedicated herself to elevating her clients’ natural beauty through her exceptional work.

“I treasure working as a makeup artist. Through my job, I meet the most incredible people and visit many gorgeous locations. I love connecting with new people and hearing their stories. “

On-Location Wedding Makeup NJ

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Eva on countless occasions, and let us tell you, collaborating with her and her team is an absolute joy! Her passion for what she does shines through every time, and she genuinely cares about making her clients happy. She’s always open to new ideas and works to bring the client’s vision to life. Working with Eva feels like an actual tag team, and we are always confident that Make Me Up Eva will deliver.

Operating on-location in various luxury wedding venues across New Jersey, Eva and her team strive to provide the ultimate treatment to clients. The team understands maintaining the client’s flawless look throughout the day and night, and many clients request the artists to stay for touch-ups. Working at venues like Renault Winery and some of the top 10 luxury venues in New Jersey, the Make Me Up Eva team has mastered the art of creating exquisite looks that leave everyone in awe.

What Motivates Eva to Specialize in Luxury Weddings?

We asked Eva what inspires her to specialize in luxury weddings, and she shared that it’s all about creating an unforgettable experience. The experience is the luxury. Eva loves making her clients feel pampered and beautiful on their special day. Her passion for creating a memorable wedding experience shines through in every detail of her work, from the first contact to the final touch-ups.

Embracing Timeless Elegance

Keeping an eye on evolving trends, Eva believes that even in 2024, the classic, soft, and timeless look will continue to dominate the wedding makeup scene. She incorporates these trends into her work, ensuring each client’s look stays on the cutting edge of wedding beauty.

Eva’s Ideal Client: Embracing Fun and Celebrating Natural Beauty

The ideal Make Me Up Eva client seeks to enhance their natural beauty with a soft and timeless look. Eva’s dream client is working with celebrity Eva Mendez, admiring her fun personality and gorgeous dark features that would be a delight to accentuate. Her advice to couples seeking a wedding makeup artist is to read as many reviews as possible. The testimonials offer wise words of advice and provide an accurate representation of the vendor’s work.

Why We Love Collaborating with Eva

Eva and her team are true artists who understand the unique challenges of wedding planning. They go the extra mile for their clients, providing personalized touch-up kits to keep clients looking their best all day. The little touches like this make Eva a true standout in the luxury wedding industry.

Final Thoughts on Make Me Up Eva

Eva Gerapetritis is genuinely one of a kind, and we feel so lucky to have her as part of the New Jersey luxury wedding scene. Eva’s consistent yet innovative approach to her work has made Make Me Up Eva a standout in the luxury wedding market in New Jersey. From her dedication to enhancing each bride’s natural beauty to her passion for staying updated on current trends, Eva truly embodies the essence of luxury wedding planning. She is the go-to choice for clients seeking NJ’s best wedding makeup artists.

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