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Spotlight on NJ Luxury Wedding Vendor: An Exclusive Interview with Verve On-Location

In our quest to bring you the best from the world of luxury weddings in New Jersey, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most in-demand bridal hair and makeup artists in the state. Their insights are as refreshing as their approach to creating unique, glamorous looks that stand the test of time.

Today, we proudly spotlight one of NJ’s best luxury hair and makeup vendors: Verve On-Location Hair & Makeup Artistry. Through our exclusive interview with owner Kristi Fiola, we give you a glimpse into their world of beauty, style, and passion for creating unforgettable wedding day looks.

Meet Kristi Fiola – The Artist Behind New Jersey’s Most Beautiful Wedding Looks

Meet Kristi Fiola, the creative force behind Verve On Location Hair & Makeup Artistry. A master of her craft, Kristi began her journey in the world of wedding beauty in 2010, fueled by her passion for enhancing the natural beauty of her clients on their special day. She believes in the power of personalized beauty experiences and has built her business around listening to her clients and delivering looks that make them feel confident. Through her unwavering commitment to understanding her client’s lifestyle and beauty goals, she has established a reputation as one of the best wedding hair and makeup artists in New Jersey. Over the years, Kristi has assembled an exceptional team of artists who share her vision and passion, ready to ensure every bride looks and feels their best.

One thing that resonated with us was Kristi’s philosophy towards beauty. As Kristi beautifully put it,

“We don’t follow trends or sweat the small stuff. We are just excited to be sharing such a monumental day with all of their favorite people. This is when their true beauty shines through over any hair or makeup style we give them.”

Crafting Unforgettable Looks – The Art and Science of Bridal Makeup and Hair

Kristi shared some invaluable advice for couples selecting their hair and makeup artists, emphasizing the importance of focusing on real couples’ experiences and not being swayed by Instagram followers or hype. Kristi also suggested looking at tagged photos on Instagram to see how different looks and styles hold in different lighting.

When asked about the challenges unique to planning a luxury wedding, Kristi mentions the importance of direct communication with the couple or their wedding planner, as luxury weddings tend to involve more people and require tighter scheduling.

The complicated timelines for a luxury wedding are why innovation is vital in Kristi’s approach to her business. She has a strong understanding of what her clients need and want. Verve on Location uses an app to schedule and review notes/photos from trials, ensuring the wedding day runs smoothly and the entire team focuses on the client. Once Kristi started to use this technology, others in the industry quickly followed suit.

Kristi also emphasized the importance of keeping everyone calm and confident, not just the couple:

“When someone is anxious, they don’t feel their most confident, so we do everything possible to be sure they are calm and have a great experience.”

On-Location Hair & Makeup in New Jersey – Setting New Standards in Luxury Wedding Beauty Services

The team at Verve On Location has worked with many luxury venues, such as the Cedar Lake Estates and Mountain Ridge Country Club, which makes for a seamless, elevated experience. Kristi and her team understand clients’ investment in their makeup and hair collection, so they work hard to ensure no surprises when they see themselves in the mirror.

Timeless Styles for 2024 – Future Trends in the NJ Bridal Makeup and Hair Scene

Kristi’s outlook on trends is equally interesting. She prefers a client open to what will work best given their face shape and hair texture, focusing on natural and timeless styles. She did mention that she envisions doing more sleek buns and loose blowouts in the future, but not because of any specific trend.

Kristi’s Ideal Client – A Blend of Passion, Adventure, and Authenticity

Kristi’s dream client embodies a zest for life, a spirit of adventure, a love for animals, and an openness to new experiences. This avatar aligns perfectly with the clientele that gravitates towards her, so Kristi remains passionate about weddings even after all these years.

Kristi’s dream celebrity client is Julianne Hough, renowned for her energetic spirit, radiating positivity, and impeccable aesthetics. Kristi admires Julianne’s emphasis on enhancing natural beauty while maintaining a fun, experimental approach.

Kristi’s couples let go of trends and small worries. Their excitement for sharing such a momentous day with their loved ones is palpable, casting an aura of happiness around them. According to Kristi, this is when their true beauty outshines any hair or makeup style crafted for them.

The Key to Success in the Luxury Wedding Market – Kristi’s Words of Wisdom

Before concluding our interview, we asked Kristi what she would tell fellow wedding colleagues about finding success in the luxury wedding market. Her advice is simple yet powerful:

“Hold up your policies; they are in place for a reason. Have fun & don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Your idea of luxury and someone else’s may be totally different, so don’t ever feel like you are competing with the next ‘luxury wedding professional’ in your area.”

Why We Love Collaborating with Verve On-Location Hair & Makeup Artistry

It was such a cool coincidence when I found out that two of my best college friends knew Kristi Fiola! While they knew her personally, I only knew her from the wedding industry. It felt like the luck of the draw bringing these two worlds together. My friends had the same impression of Kristi’s professionalism as I did – she’s super organized and always straightforward in her communication. She can create a look that makes you feel like a superstar. Having that personal connection and professional admiration makes collaborating with Kristi even more awesome and fun!

Embracing Elegance with Verve On-Location

Verve On Location offers a fantastic luxury bridal hair and makeup experience. With Kristi’s client-focused approach and constant drive for innovation, she and her team have redefined what it means to be part of the luxury wedding scene in New Jersey. They’re all about enhancing natural beauty and making the whole experience stress-free. As we spotlight NJ’s top luxury wedding vendors, Verve On Location stands out, bringing a perfect blend of elegance and expertise.


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