Premiere NJ Woman-Owned Wedding Businesses You Need To Know

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Today is International Women’s Day. As part of this elite group of NJ woman-owned wedding businesses, this day holds an enormous place in my heart. I never understood community until owning my own business. I never understood support until giving birth to my daughter. But, on days like today, I am reminded of the miracle it is to be surrounded by women who empower each other and thrive with each other.

So, today, I would like to celebrate a handful of absolutely special women. Not only have they inspired me, but they continually support others in their community and their businesses. Wedding excellence is only a few of the things these women easily serve to their clients.

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NJ Woman-Owned Wedding Businesses

Alex Peterson Idalia Photography NJ Woman-Owned Wedding Businesses

Owner of Idalia Photography

Alex is Owner and head photographer for Idalia Photography. Her images bring to life the emotion of your wedding, but her spirit brings a smile to anyone’s face. Mother, entrepreneur and educator, Alex does it all.

Zahra Batool NJ Woman-Owned Wedding Businesses

Owner, ZB Couture

Zahra is a talent like no other. Imagine having a one-of-a-kind gown that is hand-painted? Well, ZB Couture can do that for you. Sustainably and ethically produced with size inclusivity. An absolute dream.


Event Management Team at Clarks Landing Yacht Club

It is almost unheard of to hear that a venue is 100% run by women. This is the amazing team at Clarks Landing Yacht Club. I have the privilege of working with these women often and I am always in awe of them. Between their careers and personal lives, it’s magic to watch them create spectacular weddings and events.

Jessica Giovine The Jess Press Shop NJ Woman Owned Wedding Businesses

Owner, The Jess Press Shop

Jess is a graphic designer by trade. She left her former commuter life in hopes to assist couples to create unique pieces of paperie for their special day. The Jess Press Shop is known for swift communication but even more so the connections they make with their clients.

Lauryn Ahern NJ Woman-Owned Wedding Businesses

Owner, The Live Painter

I always tell clients how important it is to have a great photographer for their wedding. But, do you know how amazing it is to have a live painting of your first married moments? Lauryn of The Live Painter creates magic with every stroke. A keepsake to last a lifetime.

Michelle Files Premiere NJ woman-owned wedding businesses

Owner, The Curvy Bride

Michelle decided to make something right in an industry where she saw so many wrongs. She opened The Curvy Bride in Manalapan, NJ in to make sure that women could find their dream dress and be inclusive to all sizes. Her love for her business shows and we are glad she’s in the neighborhood!

Jane Elizabeth Stylus DJ Entertainment NJ Woman-Owned Wedding Businesses

Owner, Stylus DJ Entertainment

You know what’s refreshing? A great DJ. Wanna know what’s even more refreshing? A woman DJ completely blowing the roof off with your wedding guests. Jane has been a DJ and label owner since 2001. She proudly leads Stylus DJ Entertainment.

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