Top Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The wedding industry is a funny thing sometimes. It can be competitive, but I don’t have the patience nor do I thrive on that energy. I have been known to consistently spread sparkles wherever I go so I’ll continue with that vibe. I believe there are enough couples out there for every wedding vendor. That being said, I’d like to introduce you to the Top Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ that you need to meet.

Before we dive into all the greatness, a quick thought. There’s a common saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I have never understood these words more until our daughter was born. It also takes a community to support small business. It took me having my own business (or lack thereof!) during a pandemic to understand that more than ever. There is power in community and with power comes great responsibility. I want to encourage and praise fellow small business owners and foster relationships to help everyone grow. If we all thrive, we all survive.

Choosing to support black-owned businesses means so much to so many. It means opportunity. It means getting a foot in the door in a world that doesn’t want to see you win. Choosing to support black-owned businesses means closing the wealth gap. It’s unity. It’s black pride. It’s showing our children success so that they can strive for the same. I encourage you to scroll through your IG feeds and really take a look at the accounts you follow. If you’re scrolling through one shade of melanin, you may want to open your world and follow some new people. Remember, it truly does take a village, but it first starts with you.

Top Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ

Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ - Dee Kay Events

Jean-Ralph Thurin
(Custom Luxury Wedding Dresses)

When you first lay eyes on an original Jean-Ralph Thurin dress, you may need a moment to catch your breath. Stunning is an understatement. If you’re looking to have your partner’s mouth drop when they first see you on your wedding day, give Jean a call. He’ll make that happen.

Abby Falore-Ayodeji Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ - Dee Kay EventsJuicy Looks by Abby
(Makeup Artistry)

Finding the right makeup artist for your wedding day can be a daunting task. Juicy Looks by Abby takes all the anxiety away and simply uncovers the beauty that is already in you. Owner, Abby, gets to know your skin tone and your goals for the look you try to achieve. She nails it out of the park every single time.



Abby Pretty Posh Events Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJPretty Posh Events
(Floral Design & Planning)

Abby and I hit it off right away. It’s one of those friendships you don’t even remember how they started but you definitely cannot ever forget. As owner of Pretty Posh Events, Abby has an incredible eye for design and her florals speak for themselves.



Amy Anaiz Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ - Dee Kay EventsAmy Anaiz Photo

I’ve had the great privilege of working with Amy Anaiz Photo many times. She’s captured some beautiful moments for my family and for my clients. Her personality shines as bright as her photographs. Simply put, Amy is the best!





MK Flav Video Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ - Dee Kay EventsMK Flav Wedding Films

When you first meet Marvin, you automatically gravitate to all of his knowledge. He embodies his entire business through creativity and it shows through his final end product. Owner of  MK Flav Wedding Films and MK Flav Video, you won’t regret having him part of your day.





Dr. Lesly Devereaux Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ - Dee Kay EventsWedding Bliss Ceremonies

Dr. Lesly of Wedding Bliss Ceremonies will create a unique ceremony that’s as moving as your love story. Her smile and energy fills your heart with all the feels. She’ll have your guests reaching for tissues before you even say “I Do.”






Nana Annan Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ - Dee Kay EventsNana Annan Photography

Elegance, extravagance and beauty all in one. Nana delivers all three in her photos.






Alisha Simone

If you are a flower lover, please take a look at Alisha Simone’s portfolio. The quality and artistry will sure to be the perfect accent for your wedding day. Also, Be sure to check out Alisha’s IG page. Her behind the scenes florals are absolutely beautiful.

Schulyer Polk Polk Paper Black-Owned Wedding Professionals in NJ - Dee Kay EventsPolk Paper

If you can take happy and mix it with luxurious paper then add a sprinkle of giggles, you would create this amazing artist named Schulyer Polk. She is a self-taught graphic designer who can create anything that is in your head. Polk Paper is a perfect compliment to your wedding day.

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Looking for black-owned businesses in other states?

Head over to Brides here for comprehensive list of the top 150 in the country.


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