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What We're Great At

  • Designing and Executing your Vision
  • Finding your Wedding professionals
  • Communication
  • Putting it all together

Taking what’s inside your brain and giving it words, colors and coherence to bring every design detail together at your wedding. We take your vision and make it something you can see, touch and feel.

We also consider every logistical possibility that can happen on your wedding day.  Then, we combine it with some back-up plans and create a working timeline to guide all of your wedding professionals. This way you can sit back, drink champagne and enjoy on your wedding day.

We Know A Guy

Connecting you with wedding professionals who specialize in what you need. Need an amazing calligrapher? An all faiths celebrant? A henna artist? A bilingual DJ? A cellist who can transform your most guilty EDM pleasure into a classical pop masterpiece? We know a guy. And, if we don’t know a guy, we’ll find a guy for you. We’re from Jersey. This is what we do. It’s in our blood, like all the pork roll and zeppoles on the boardwalk down the shore.


If your iCalendar has so many colors in it that it’s more a rainbow than organization, you should contact us right now. We’ll help you sort out all of your wedding planning meetings, prepare you with etiquette knowledge and let all your wedding professionals know all the details.

We're Not For Every Couple

We may not be made for each other and that is totally OK. We want to make sure you find the planner that fits you.

If you have your ducks in a row, love a good D.I.Y. project and don’t mind spending every last waking hour after work creating your dream wedding, we are so proud that you can do it all! If you need someone to deliver your handmade florals or put ribbon on a mason jar, we may not be a perfect fit.

Too busy to vet qualified wedding professionals? Want to be able to pick and choose rather research luxury wedding services? Need help organizing your 16 person bridal party? We made be made for each other. Contact us to start the conversation.

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New Jersey Wedding Planner Diane Solaja Dee Kay Events NJ Wedding Planner

Curator of Happy Tears
and Epic Weddings

Marrying your best friend?
To live authentically is to love the same.
Let us bring your rad love story to life.
We Know How to Party

Hi. I’m Diane Šolaja. I live off Exit 11 in Central Jersey and I don’t pump my own gas. I’m a Jersey girl with strong Croatian roots and I’m the owner and creative director of Dee Kay Events. We are a boutique wedding planning agency specializing in curating one-of-a-kind weddings along the Jersey Shore. If you have a question or need, we know a guy…for everything from the intimate details to the grand vision of your big, luxurious wedding. Our work is motivated and sustained by an exceptional love for people, individuality, inclusivity and impact. We believe love has no labels, no gender and no titles. These values drive our work and allow us to align with couples who also value openness, connection, knowledge and the creative spirit.

Ex-Corporate Career to Small Business Owner

My path didn’t always lead to the wedding industry. In fact, I started out as a pre-law student pursuing the dream of being an US ambassador to Croatia. I’m the daughter of Croatian immigrants and my Croatian roots run deep. During my childhood I spent time advocating with my family and connecting with Croatian communities in the US and abroad. Most of my summers were spent in the small Croatian fishing village of Privlaka where my dad was born and raised. It’s no wonder the sea holds a special place in my heart. Over time, my career led me to be a retail warrior, legal secretary, a communications specialist, VP of People and Culture and an events coordinator in the world of corporate law and technology. This is where my love of event planning began and I haven’t looked back since. My own less-than-ideal wedding day story proved to me that my diverse background could offer something unique and necessary to the wedding planning industry in New Jersey. Thus, Dee Kay Events was born. In 2020, my husband and I welcomed my daughter into the world and being a mom has brought me even greater appreciation for celebrating these special moments in life.


I come from a BIG family so I’m no stranger to the 16 person wedding party. My corporate and VP background mean I’m polite, organized, resourceful, and am skilled at making people feel comfortable…but, I am not above lifting my eyebrow and giving someone a bit of a side talking to if they need a little help keeping it in line. If your goal is to throw a low-stress, high-impact, fun-filled and eloquent wedding but are looking for a little help executing your vision, finding your ideal wedding professionals, planning for all possibilities and putting it all together, I think we should find time to have a conversation. Let us bring your vision to life and manage the details so you can sit back and drink champagne on your wedding day (and enjoy disco fries at 4 am at your after-party). Sound good? Reach out so we can chat soon!

6 Things to Know About Diane
  • I love coffee from Wawa, Rook and Starbucks all at the same time.
  • Paulo Coelho and Malcom Gladwell are two of my favorite authors.
  • As much as I love the Dave Matthews Band and Bruce Springsteen, I get down with Steve Aoki, Lizzo and Lady Gaga all at the same time.
  • I call it a slice. It is not a piece of pizza.
  • I love making floral arrangements from the flowers bought at the grocery store.
  • It’s an incredible high to see a wedding design come to life. But, not as good as kisses from my daughter.

Our Mission

To use our creativity, experience and resourcefulness to bring your vision to life while taking the stress away. Who wants to be a manager on their wedding day anyways?

Our Essence

We are motivated and sustained by a huge love for people, individuality, inclusivity and impact. We believe love has no labels, nor gender, nor titles.

Our Promise

We deliver beautifully curated weddings and events while making you feel like a guest at your own wedding.

Our Vibe

We make magic for our couples. We challenge ourselves to help you dream and consistently reinvent what is possible. We also do a lot of snort laughing.

Excited with All
That You See?

We cannot wait to work together!

As your Jersey Shore Wedding Planner,
Let us help you create an elegant and epic wedding for memories to last a lifetime.