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In the past few years, a cappella groups have exploded onto the scene and have become just as fabulous as any Glee cast member. Organized nerd singing? As if! More like organized aca-awesome. Considering that we spew Pitch Perfect quotes at the DKE offices on the daily, imagine our excitement and surprise when we encountered an actual award winning a cappella group… that’s in the wedding industry. A-ca-scuse me? A-ca-heck yes!

Unique You

I am a firm believer that conversations bring on the best ideas. So, while having my monthly pow-wow biz sesh with the wonderful Stephanie Licata, the topic of engagements came up. I mentioned how I always envisioned my proposal to be sung to me. My boyfriend would take the time to write a personal song and play his guitar outside of my job, followed by an a capella group to chime in at the chorus, where he would take a knee and ask me to be his forever.

Dee Kay Events - Wedding Planner - Write Me My Song - Unique WeddingsMy actual proposal was nothing like I envisioned, but still perfect and better than I dreamed. But, in today’s world of You Tube, flash mobs, Pinterest boards and information over load, how do you find your unique you in an over-sharing obsessed world?

I tell my couples that the best events are the celebrations that focus on little things that make you simply you. Too many times people look outside themselves for inspiration. It’s there all along. You just need to listen.

Steph just looked at me and said “Oh, you mean like Write Me My Song?”

“What is that?”

“Hold on. Let me message Jeremy right now. You guys need to meet and make things happen.”

If Stephanie says I need to do something, I do it. As she wrote the message, I immediately Googled and checked out the website. I was won over.

The Good Boys of A Capella

Meet Evan, Brian and Jeremy. Three guys that went to college together, sang together and now work together. They write, produce and play songs customized to your life.

You know how in the movie Pitch Perfect they compete at the “International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella?” Yeh. Well, that’s a real thing. Watch out Treble Makers, the Crosbys are taking over! The Write Me My Song guys actually won it in 2003 with their group the Binghamton Crosbys.

Dee Kay Events + Write Me My Song - Unique and Personalized WeddingsAlthough the trio cannot agree on their single most influential artist in their career, they can agree on one thing: working with your best friends is simply the best. So, while Evan looks to Stevie Wonder and Brian to Michael Jackson and Jeremy is inspired by Queen, you can only imagine the amazing music that they produce. With those picks, you just can’t go wrong.


Five Questions with Write Me My Song

Getting to know your vendors is one the best things you can do for a successful event. To make it easier, DKE got to know the guys from Write Me My Song, singing and all.

1. Tell us more about the Binghamton Crosbys. Read: were you Pitch Perfect before Pitch Perfect?

The Binghamton Crosbys are one of the best all male collegiate a cappella groups in the country. The Crosbys have made it to the finals of the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella (as depicted in Pitch Perfect) 4 times, winning it all in 2003. Evan was named the best soloist in that competition. It really went to his head for a while. We had to bring him back down to Earth. We all sang in the group together–it was the best time of our lives! We didn’t have to watch Pitch Perfect–we lived it!

2. If all three of you were stranded on an island, what is the one book, one song and one movie you would need to survive?

We couldn’t agree on this answer, so we each picked our own. Evan would take “The Silmarillion” by J.R.R. Tolkien, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd and the “Big Lebowski.” Brian would take “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “If It’s buy phentermine 4u Magic” by Stevie Wonder and “The Shawshank Redemption.” Jeremy’s choice would be “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote, “We Can Work it Out” by the Beatles and “Silence of the Lambs.” Pretty eclectic mix.

3. Why pick your service? What makes your team stand out from the crowd?

There aren’t many people that do what we do. The level of personalization that we provide is what makes us stand out. We really delve into each couple’s story and find out what they want from their personal song. We customize the lyrics, genre and the “feel” of the song to tell the couple’s story. Absolutely nothing is cookie cutter: you will not have the same melody, verse, or chorus as any other couple. The best compliment we have gotten (and we’ve gotten it multiple times) is “this song is so us.” In terms of a wedding, why should you share your wedding song with anyone else? It’s your wedding. It’s your story. It should be your song.

4. In the world of wedding planning, do you think it should be a joint effort from the couple or easier if decisions are left to one person? Do you have any advice to couples planning their wedding?

It needs to be a joint effort for the big decisions, but someone needs to take the lead on the smaller decisions. You have your whole life to fight about things. Don’t fight about the color of the napkins on the table at the reception. Hire an event planner to take care of the details. Actually, just hire Dee Kay Events. You’ll enjoy the process much more and be able to savor every moment!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. The day goes by fast, so have fun! And, most importantly, make sure you buy a personalized song from Write Me My Song. (Shameless plug!)

5. Has anyone written a song with WMMS to propose to their fiancé? If so, tell us the story!

We have written a few “proposal” songs and, so far each one has been a yes! Our favorite was this couple who were dating for three years. The guy took her to a picnic in the woods and told her to listen to the song on an iPod. When the song was finished, he got down on his knee. He told us she didn’t stop crying for hours! This is why we love what we do! To be part of such a magical and emotional moment. There is nothing like it.

Dee Kay Events + Write Me My Song

DKE strives to bring your unique you to every event. So, when Write Me My Song asked us to partner with them, we couldn’t think of a better team of musicians to do just that!

Need help with a proposal? Good thing we here at DKE love surprises. DKE will take care of the logistics and styling while WMMS will take care of the sweet lyrics. Your future fiancé will thank you.

Dee Kay Events + Write Me My Song - Unique and Personalized WeddingsAre you the Maid of Honor or Best Man? Why not hire DKE + WMMS for a flawless getaway along with a specialized roast song to listen to on the limo ride? Instead of making your speech on the big day, put in all the jokes now. A hilarious memory!

What about a tender and touching lullaby playing with a room full of soft florals and presents for the Mama-to-Be?

Or, the best yet: a personal song to walk down the aisle too. Don’t worry. DKE will be on hand with tissues.

The possibilities are endless! We are so excited to team with such great talent and to bring the very best to our clients.

Listen to some samples here. As Fat Amy would have said: They crushed it.

* * * *

Speaking of Pitch Perfect (btw, sequel in 2015! A-ca-freaking out!) here’s to hoping the next time Rebel Wilson is in a bridal party, she suggests this as an entrance for the new couple:

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