Dee’s Birthday Party Project

My birthday is right around the corner. In two days actually. I’ve been so caught up in my schedule, I almost forgot my own birthday! It’s a blessing to be so busy, but sometimes, you need to stop and smell the birthday cake, or birthday cupcake, or birthday wine, or birthday vodka, champagne… you get the idea.

I usually have a big bash that I adore putting together. I invite all my friends and family and we have a great time. It’s what I’m known for: my parties.

But, this year is different. This year has been so incredible in so many different ways, that I do not have a desire to spend on myself. It sounds silly, but it’s true. I live a very blessed life. I want to give back. I need to give back. This Aries soul is burning in her heart to just give to the world.

My childhood was a happy one filled buy valium thailand with parties and cakes and lots of candles always. It’s part of the reason I became an event planner — I love a great party!

Every child deserves to experience that same joy – to have a happy birthday. Please help me spread simple joy to children in need. Instead of presents this year, I ask that you donate to this great organization. My philosophy is that if you give love, you get love. Send your love to these children and you will find immediate joy in your own heart.

Let’s show The Birthday Party Project that they have friends all over the world. Hopefully, this great organization may branch out into the tri-state area and other countries as well. And, when that happens, I’ll be first in line to share my birthday again. 🙂

With Much Love + Confetti,
Diane 🙂


Dee Kay Events - Birthday Party Project #shareyourbirthday