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It’s our 1st birthday – what a year it has been! Get the cupcakes and champagne out. It’s time for a party!Today (January 25) is the official day that Dee Kay Events went on her own in this big ol’ world: the day I registered the name with the business bureau.

DKE has taken her first baby steps, said a lot of first words and has really made a name for herself on this side of the pond (and, the world!). I am very proud of this business and very grateful that I took a leap of faith not only in myself, but in the world.

When I first embarked on this journey, I was wide eyed and excited. I’m really happy to say that I am still wide eyed and excited, but a bit more grounded now. I have a clear vision of where I want to take this company and how to give the love and deserved high quality service to my beloved clients.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, sometimes you do not notice your own success or the mark you leave behind. You are always thinking about what’s next or how you can do things better and concentrate on making your clients happy. What is success if not giving the best of yourself?  I focus on giving the best of me and seeing smiles on my clients faces.

I finally took the time this week to make a list of everything that I have accomplished. For some reason, seeing it on paper brings more of an impact.

-In a matter of destinations, this business year has taken me to: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. , Miami, Phoenix , Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Bahamas.

-I have serviced eight weddings (full planning and design), numerous intimate dinners and a handful of smaller events.

-In a matter of awards, Dee Kay Events has become a preferred event planner for BHLDN and has won the Couples’ Choice Award from Wedding Wire!

-I have become a sponsor for a non-profit that is very dear to my heart (CNYLA) and was able to organize and design many aspects for their annual networking cruise including welcome gifts, programs, t-shirt design and numerous other items.

-I have grown my vendor network exponentially. I am so grateful for meeting such wonderful vendors in my area and around the world. I have have a work family again!

-I was lucky enough to attend the prestigious Engage!13 Luxury Wedding summit in December.

-We also have a couple of big announcements coming up. The first will be on February 10 and the next sometime in early Spring! We can’t wait to share the news.

Quite a year. I needed to take the time and write it down to really see all that I have accomplished.  My husband reminds me daily how “great” I am (best. husband. ever), but I am not one to toot my own horn. I grew up with very steadfast and humble parents and those same values are instilled in me. But, this year, instead of thinking I haven’t done enough, I will be kinder to myself and remind myself that I am doing great. Slow and steady, happy and content.

I am also extremely delighted to report that two of my brides form this year are already pregnant! I wanted to congratulate Nina + Andy along with Samantha + Tomislav on their new bundles of joy. Both were honeymoon babies. I personally would like to think that both couples were so relaxed and at ease during the wedding (because they hired Dee Kay Events) that the baby making just came naturally. Hmm…perhaps I should work this into my marketing somehow — event planner & baby shaman? ::shrug::

Thank you to my husband for putting up with my early mornings and late nights, but always making time for a hug and a special night for each other. Thank you to my parents who have helped us tremendously this year from shipping boxes for events all the way to being some amazing last minute assistants. Thank you to my friends for all the vodka and gin and amazing support. And, most of all, thank you to my clients for taking a leap and trusting a brown eyed girl from Jersey with the confidence of making a most magical day the best day ever.

The best part about this year? I learned to just be me. I promise to let you know more about myself and my business this year. I hope to connect with everyone on a level that inspires and makes your day. In the business of love, you must give love to get love. I intend to do just that.

-DK <3

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Diane Kolanović-Šolaja Creative Director & Owner
Diane Kolanović-Šolaja, Creative Director and Owner of Dee Kay Events, is an award-winning wedding planner, author, and speaker. Equipped with a dynamic blend of experience in corporate law and technology, a gut feeling with a 90-day plan, and an undying passion for uniting people in celebration, she transformed her vision to help people into a leading tri-state wedding planning service. Diane's approach is deeply personal, blending meticulous planning with a flair for design and a commitment to cherished memories, creating over a decade-long legacy of crafting luxurious, unforgettable weddings. Diane's journey demonstrates her unwavering dedication to celebrating love across the Jersey Shore and beyond, making every marrier's dream day a splendid reality.

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