Spotlight on the Tri-State’s Best Wedding Videographers: An Exclusive Feature with NST Pictures

Spotlight on the Tri-State’s Best Wedding Videographers: An Exclusive Feature with NST Pictures

As a NJ wedding planner for the past 11 years, I have had many moments of emotion during ceremonies. Hearing wedding vows and two people professing their love and commitment to one another is always a highlight of my job. Once your wedding day comes and goes, nothing will prepare you for the emotion of watching your luxury wedding film. When I saw the footage NST Pictures captured for our first client collaboration, I was overcome with emotion — and it wasn’t even my wedding! They created something beautiful, authentic, and natural, reflecting the couple’s love. From then on, working with one of the best wedding videographers would be so fun!

As a producer of NJ luxury weddings, I am absolutely delighted to introduce our next spotlight vendor,  NST Pictures. As one of the Tri-State’s best wedding videographers, they have extraordinary talent and are also woman-founded and owned. NST Pictures is a premier film company renowned for its timeless and classic representation of weddings. With a keen focus on capturing genuine emotions and love, NST Pictures stands out in the luxury wedding market.

Meet The Women of NST Pictures: Revolutionizing Luxury Wedding Films in New Jersey and Beyond

NST Pictures is a team of talented women who specialize in luxury wedding videography in New Jersey and beyond. Their films are more than just documentation; they capture the raw emotions and intimate moments that make each couple’s love story unique. From their signature vertical sneak peek videos to their timeless editing style, NST Pictures is revolutionizing the wedding film industry and setting a new standard for luxury videography.

The current trio of directors established NST Pictures: Jennifer Thompson, Daniella Sansotta, and Lindsay Quinn. Initially based in a modest office in Midtown Manhattan, the directors brought diverse backgrounds to the table. As the head of operations, Jennifer Thompson contributed a wealth of knowledge from her extensive experience in the wedding industry. Daniella Sansotta, Jennifer Thompson, and Lindsay Quinn leveraged their expertise in video production, client services, and community management to lay the company’s foundation from the ground up.

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The Best Wedding Videographers

This powerhouse of women started NST Pictures to capture the essence of love and create timeless films that couples can cherish for years to come. The importance of legacy and envisioning their couples ahead by ten, twenty, or even thirty years is their driving force to capture memories.

Today, Jennifer, Daniella, and Lindsay continue to lead NST Pictures with passion and dedication. Their team has grown to include talented filmmakers sharing their vision and aesthetics. With a focus on storytelling through film, they constantly push the boundaries of luxury wedding videography.

It’s all about the love for us. Trends come and go. Vendors come and go. Year after year, it’s the beautiful unions of couples and their families that keep the flame alive for us. We’ll never get tired of it.

The Essence of NST Pictures and Their Love of Legacy

NST Pictures continues to raise the bar in capturing genuine emotions and creating timeless films for its clients. With a talented team of filmmakers and an unwavering dedication to storytelling, they will continue to be one of Tri-State’s best wedding videographers for years to come.

Their love for legacy and capturing the essence of love will keep them at the forefront of the industry, setting trends and inspiring others along the way. NST Pictures’ commitment to pushing the boundaries has resulted in features in top publications such as VogueParty Slate, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

But, the true essence of NST Pictures lies within their personalities and love for people. They love serving all types of clients. They enjoy working with clients who appreciate following trends, as well as those who prefer a timeless approach and everything in between. Their primary focus is on couples seeking a classic representation of their special day, with a priority on capturing genuine emotions between couples,

Setting Trends in the World of Wedding Videography

As a wedding planner dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences for couples, I hold a high bar for commitment to my clients and the industry to elevate and bring new ideas. That’s why the work of NST Pictures consistently blows me away. From their use of modern technology to their innovative editing techniques, they are constantly pushing the boundaries and setting new trends in wedding videography.

One trend that separates NST Pictures is their signature vertical sneak peek videos. These short clips glimpse the wedding film and are perfect for sharing on social media. It’s a unique and modern way to showcase the day’s highlights while maintaining the timeless and classic style that NST Pictures is known for.

Another recent trend that has gained popularity is capturing wedding films with drones. NST Pictures was one of the first luxury wedding videography companies to incorporate drone footage into their films, adding a whole new dimension to the storytelling experience.

But NST Pictures’ focus on creating legacy wedding videos that marriers can cherish for years is the best trend. By envisioning their couples in the future, they can craft films that will stand the test of time and continue to evoke emotions and memories even decades later.

Wedding Videography Beyond the Wedding Day

When it comes to luxury weddings, couples are increasingly seeking unique experiences that go beyond and beyond expectations. They want to create memories that will last a lifetime, not just for themselves but also for their guests. These unique experiences are where NST Pictures truly shines. They offer rehearsal dinner coverage and complete wedding weekend videography, capturing every special moment leading to the big day. This way, you can catch all the speeches the night before and leave the wedding for all the dancing. Complete wedding weekend coverage is a trend that NST is seeing more and more couples embrace, creating an entire wedding weekend experience for themselves and their guests.

How To Choose the Best Wedding Videographers

NST Pictures provided valuable insights on selecting your wedding videographer and the best ways to communicate your needs.

  • Research Their Style and Portfolio

Like every couple has their unique style, so do wedding videographers. Take the time to research different styles and techniques and see if any resonate with you. Look through their portfolios to better understand their work and what they can bring to your wedding day.

  • Trendy or Not: What Will You Want to Watch in the Years to Come?

Consider the long term. Whether it’s about style or budget, envision 10, 20, or 30 years ahead. What moments will stand the test of time? Will you still appreciate the popular editing style when you watch it years later, or will it become a distraction when you want to relive the special moments?

  • What Do You Want Your Wedding Videography to Focus On?

It’s important to know what you want your wedding film to highlight. Is it the emotions and reactions of you and your guests, or do you want a more cinematic style with beautiful shots of the venue and decor? Communicating your preferences early on can help narrow your search for the perfect videographer.

  • To Spend or Not to Spend on Extra Coverage Hours?

In the world of luxury weddings, every detail counts, which includes capturing all of the special moments leading up to and after the ceremony. Would you regret not investing in the extra two hours to have your grandmother assist with putting on your veil? Only you can address these questions and envision what will hold value for you in the future. Consider investing in extra coverage hours to ensure all of these moments are captured and preserved for years to come.

Success with Luxury Wedding Films

Lindsay encourages fellow wedding colleagues to attend industry events. Relationships built there can open new doors. Staying updated on current trends is essential to her job, but building relationships stands the test of time. She can collaborate on new ideas and expand her expertise by staying in touch with peers and colleagues.

Why We Love Collaborating with NST Pictures

Every time we collaborate with NST Pictures, it has been nothing short of exceptional. Their dedication to delivering personalized, beautiful wedding films has made them a favorite among our luxury wedding clients.

We love their attention to detail and ability to capture each couple’s unique personalities. Above all, each team member’s dedication to looking after our clients stands out. The NST Pictures process flows seamlessly. From inquiry to film delivery, we are confident that our clients will be in good hands with NST Pictures.

Wedding Videography Excellence

Wedding videography is more than just filming on the day of the wedding. It’s about creating a time capsule, a moment to relive again and again long after the wedding day has passed. NST Pictures understands this and is dedicated to capturing every special moment, from the first kiss to the last dance, in a way that genuinely reflects each couple’s unique story.

So if you want a wedding film that goes beyond just the day of, consider NST Pictures – they will capture every moment leading up to and after your big day, creating a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Trust us, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

If you are stuck and need help choosing your wedding day team, fill out our inquiry form to start the vendor matchmaking process with us. We’ll help bring your dream wedding to life and find the perfect wedding videographer.