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Amid the bustling streets of New York City, Mary and Eric chose to celebrate their enduring love with a heartfelt NYC vow renewal. Surrounded by the vibrant life of the city, their day was filled with intimate moments and meaningful words, a beautiful blend of the past and the present. This celebration was not just about reiterating vows but about commemorating a journey filled with shared adventures, challenges, and growth. Their unwavering commitment and a renewed promise for the future created a gorgeous backdrop

“When Eric and I got married a little over five years ago, we didn’t have much in the way of a budget, so we had a destination wedding/honeymoon, attended only by us, and without a lot of bells and whistles. In the short amount of time since then, we’d experienced a lot together: the loss of loved ones, a major move, career changes, etc. It felt right to commemorate a milestone anniversary by reaffirming our commitment to one another in the face of, and despite, so many life changes, and treating ourselves to something we missed out on by having a vow renewal celebration!”

NYC Vow Renewal Design Details

Dee Kay Events was happy to assist with all the details and design of this charming NYC vow renewal. Diane gathered the best of the best to give Mary and Eric a dream vow renewal.

NYC Elopement Photographer

Brandi from Alexis June Weddings, renowned for her exceptional skills in both digital and film photography, truly captured the essence of the day. Her impeccable eye for detail and innate talent ensured that every moment was preserved in its most authentic and beautiful form. She didn’t just take photos; she told a story, crafting a visual narrative that perfectly encapsulated the emotions, settings, and unforgettable moments of the celebration, making them timeless.

NYC Elopement Videographer

We teamed with NST Pictures and beautifully captured all the fun and stunning moments of the day. This film really brings out the excitement and beauty of this styled nyc elopement, showing off every smile and special moments. It’s like reliving the whole experience, capturing all those special bits in a way that feels genuine and totally Mary and Eric.

NYC Vow Renewal Design

Liz Geddes, of Octavia & Brown, was kind enough to offer her curated vintage rentals space as our ceremony location. Located in the heart of NYC, the space embodies style and warmth among huge sun kissed windows. Mary and Eric said “I do” in the sand the first time. This time? A vow renewal in the heart of Manhattan to honor their evolving life together.

Mary and Eric stepped into a circle of love to symbolize the sacred space of their relationship and reaffirm their commitment to each other. After a heart felt reading of Voltaire’s “Anniversary,” Mary and Eric participated in a hand fasting instead of exchanging rings again. Alisa Tongg, the celebrant, told the story of this ancient ritual. “Long ago, the exchanging of rings was only possible for the very rich. Ordinary people would pledge themselves to each other, often in a field, and symbolically have their hands fasted together with a piece of ribbon, cord or cloth. The phrases ‘tying the knot’ and ‘bond of matrimony’ are thought to stem from this practice.”

The ribbons were in the colors of marsala for love, sage for blessings, blush for romance and grey for all the colors combined. The grey also represented the all-encompassing love from Mary’s late brother, an emotional remembrance during the ceremony. After the handfasting, the couple exchanged their penned new promises to each other and shared a cup of life. “Many cultures believe that to share from the same cup is to open yourself to shared experiences, to share life’s joys and disappointments together.”

Dessert first is always a good idea. So, after an emotional service and passionate kiss, Mary and Eric shared a most delectable gluten free cake from Sugarush. Mary was very excited to taste it. Since her battle with celiac disease, bland flavors are very common for her tongue. But, she says this was hands down the best tasting gluten free cake she has ever tasted! We double checked to confirm. Everyone decided it may be the best tasting cake hands down.

The lovely couple then took a stroll outside and experienced a very special blessing. Alisa made it rain, celebrant style, while Diane read a blessing to honor their love. As Alisa explained, Mary and Eric cuddled under a beautiful vintage umbrella to keep warm and to listen to ingredients that were included in this special mix: “The rice symbolizes good luck, fertility and abundance; the turmeric for purification, rosemary for remembrance, lavender for everlasting love and devotion, the coins for prosperity, hibiscus for the immorality of love and the candy for a sweet life.”

“The day of our NYC vow renewal was wonderful. Everyone worked together as a team to keep things moving along nicely, but never once did I feel rushed, or like the day was about anyone or anything other than Eric and myself. Everything from the location, to the clothing, to the decorations and flowers was so beautiful, classy, and carefully curated. Little touches, like incorporating a remembrance for my brother, to a playlist including songs I had mentioned were special to Eric and me, showed an attention to preference and detail that truly made me feel like a princess for the day, which is something every bride should get a chance at, whether it be her first, or second time pledging to have and to hold.”

The Almost Perfect NYC Elopement

The day was almost perfect, with just one little mishap. We learned quite quickly that you should not keep flowers and yummy blessing mixes on benches for the sake of a photograph. A family of squirrels were running around the couple and trying to get into the mix. Our furry friends got a little taste of the bouquet and a ton of laughs from all.

For more photos, see this real vow renewal feature in the Smitten Magazine.

Vendor Love

Photographer: Alexis June Weddings | Venue + Rentals: Octavia & Brown Studio | Umbrella Rental: Bella Umbrella | Floral Designer: Bride & Blossom | Event Designer: Dee Kay Events | Celebrant: Alisa TonggArtist: Ivana Masic | Bride’s Shoes: Michael Kors | Makeup Artist: Nicole Sievers | Cinema and Video: NST Pictures | Hairstylist: Styles On B | Cake Baker: sugarush | Invitations & Stationery: Willow Wynn Co.

This real styled shoot is featured in Smitten Magazine!

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