Spooktacular Dessert Table and Spooky Bar for Your Halloween Party

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Celebrations

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My mother was a bridal seamstress for many years. Growing up with her artistry and magical hands that could literally make anything (i.e., clothes, food, whatever!) leaves a huge impression on a girl. We used to make clothes together all the time. I literally had my own fashion design shop in my parents basement. My mother and I would shop for material in NYC, come home and make an outfit. It was the coolest thing!

Needless to say, I was very spoiled when it came to Halloween costumes. My parents never once bought a costume from the store. They believed in using all the resources around you first, so we always made our costumes. Mom would mostly sew them for us, but being part of that creative process was always so much. It’s definitely why I love Halloween so much.

This year, in the spirit of one of my favorite holidays, we’re throwing it back to one of my favorite dessert tables. This one took a lot of work and a lot of details. Our client hosted a big Halloween party in their home and we were in charge of the decor and dessert. Spooky and scary was the theme, but delicious and convenient was also part of the goal.


Dee Kay Events | Spooktacular Dessert Table Halloween Bar I 2018 Halloween Party

When it comes to ridiculous and over the top dessert tables, you must have an amazing baker that can see your vision. We love working with Sugarush in Red Bank, NJ. They are always up for our crazy ideas. This time we had ghost, mummy and pumpkin cake pops! They were so perfectly made and simply delicious. We also added some spooky cupcakes, eye gum balls, taffy for color and various sugar cookies.

2018 Halloween Party Dessert Tables

2018 Halloween Party Dessert Bar I Trick or Treat Desserts

Dee Kay Events | Spooktacular Dessert Table Halloween Bar I Halloween Cupcakes

We also designed a Witches Brew Bar station equipped with a cauldron filled with dry ice to give that creepy design element. It came together in such a fun way. We definitely had Hocus Pocus playing in our minds when we designed it.

2018 Spooky Halloween Dessert Table

We wanted to create a creepy atmosphere in the home as well. This is wear draping and uplighting is very important. We also had little shadow bats in the background of the draping as well. Can you see them? But, the creepiest aspect of all was the dry ice. This photo in particular had us a little shook up. Do you see the face in the smoke?

Spooky Halloween Decor

You can take a look at the full gallery of photos below. What’s your favorite Halloween tradition? Leave comments below! Happy Halloween!



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