Chevron, Chalkboards & Baby Shower Chic

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Celebrations

Remember the days of having three months off and not a care in the world? Your “to-do list” consisted of sleeping late, going to the beach and eating enough ice cream until your belly hurt. I just heard the ice cream truck drive by and it got me giddy for the official beginning of summer…in three days. Eep!

Our school days may be over, but it doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate the fabulous teachers who strive every day to educate our children. Two months ago, Dee Kay Events designed a “sassy” baby shower for our lovely Mama-to-Be Jennifer, who happens to be a math teacher.

Grade school may be a faint happy memory, but it definitely brought us some great design inspiration. We hand painted chargers and mini clay pots for the place settings and floral design. We made custom onesies with some math inspired humor (Read: “I Heart Pi 3.14 times than you” and “I’m Acute”). With a baby girl on the way and a suggestion by Jen’s sister-in-law Ali, fuchsia pink was the color of choice. Splashed with black & white chevron, this baby shower was nothing less than chic!

Sugar, spice and everything nice filled the air on Jen’s special day. The dessert table, designed by Dee Kay Events, was a big hit with everyone! (See photos below.) A special thanks to Malissa from 3 Little Bird Confections for the delicious cake pops and s’mores grahams.  And, a big thanks to Sweet Basil’s Cafe in Livingston, NJ for letting us transform your event space into a whimsical space for our Mama-to-Be.


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