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by | Jul 19, 2013 | Wedding Style

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]It’s currently 93°F outside.  Hot, yes.  Am I complaining?  No.  I am grateful.

The faint sound of cicadas and the constant humming of the air conditioner engulfs me in a summer serenity that I yearn for in the winter.  Peonies and roses in a vase in front of me consume me.  I close my eyes, take a deep breath, exhale and smile. The beautiful scents and sounds take me to another place.  A happy place of growing up near the beach.  A place of no stress and simple joy.  A place where sunsets never end and the horizon, although far, is within my reach.  The sun warms my skin. A wondrous world full of potential.

All of this due to a  fragrance from a flower and a couple of usually ignored background sounds.

The senses are so easily forgotten, yet can easily trigger our memories.  If you just take a minute to literally smell the roses, you can be transported to another world or time.

We are smack in the middle of  summer where a number of couples decide to take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery.  Destination weddings, no matter how near or far, can be as whimsical as a fairy tale.  Perfect love. Perfect setting.  The perfect wedding. The perfect welcome bag for your guests.

A number of our brides, although not destination weddings, will still have a welcome bag for all of their guests. Want your wedding to be remembered fondly by all your loved ones?  Why not welcome your guests with aromas to trigger there memories way after your silver anniversary?


Fill your welcome bag with a few, quality products that will be remembered by all. Do not over stuff your bag with items that your guests may just toss away once they are home.  (Read: cheesy souvenirs, a wedding t-shirt, anything that has your your wedding date written on it.) Instead, choose 3-5 products that your guests will use. Afraid this might get expensive? Please do not be afraid to allocate a bit more on the welcome bag budget.  An extra $5-$7 a bag will go a long way.


Our favorites include a candle, some sort of soap and perhaps a solid scent.   All of these will trigger your guests sense of smell.  Once they bring your wonderful items home and use them, the scent will remind them of the great time they had your wedding.  And, of course, the thoughtfulness of the bride and groom.


Seaweed Soap by Scottish Fine Soaps has the fresh and fantastic aroma of the ocean and the open sea. I personally keep a tin on my work desk so that I may take a whiff and automatically de-stress during  a long day.  The soap comes  beautifully wrapped in it’s own pretty tin.  Have a certain color scheme in mind?  No worries!  There are tons of choices of scents and tin colors.  Insider tip: Do not be afraid of the retail price on the website.  Many outlets such as TJ Max or will carry the soap at a discounted price anywhere between $2-$4.


If you are looking for a more luxurious presentation, try the Beach Shea Butter Soap by Michel Design. Triple milled and hand made in England, this soap will leave you guests with scents of ocean sprays and the softest skin on the beach.


A candle will either relax you or put you in the mood.  Why not accomplish both? (Wink!) The Vanilla & Wild Fig  by Paddy Wax will take you away, much like Calgon. Hand poured and made of soy, it is the perfect addition your welcome bag. If the decorative tin does not meet your needs or your idea of a travel size, Paddy Wax also offers travel tin candles that retail for only $2 a piece.  Another great add on to remind your guests to relax and enjoy the weekend.

006-destination-welcome-gifts-dee-kay-events - Copy

Add a small notebook to match your design and theme.  Your guests can journal their memories for the weekend. Or, hand write a thank you note inside the cover.  Your guests will feel special and love the personal touch.

Instead of a tag that just  says “welcome” or “thank you,” purchase a key chain and attach it to the bag. Don’t worry- You will convey your thanks and hellos within your personal note.  The key chain acts a great decorative accent and will be used on your guest’s keys. What a great memory to see when stuck in traffic!


Perfume and colognes have been the basis of scent memories for centuries.  (Read: Old Spice After Shave will forever remind you of your Dad and how handsome he will always be.)  But, perhaps a perfume may remind you of a first love, a first kiss… Or, perhaps, the best wedding weekend ever! Pacifica carries solid scents that come in there own little container.  You may purchase the full size or the sample size which only retails for  $2.

The company also sells matching candle scents if you want to stick with one beautiful aroma.  There are a number delectable choices to honor any destination or theme you have in mind.  You may choose from a category of scents including  florals, fruits, herbs & spices and woods &  resin. Our favorites: Tuscan Blood Orange and Mediterranean Fig. Both are equally delightful, but each will make you travel the world in less than it takes to take a full, deep breath in.


Most importantly, remember to keep your items small enough to fit in a carry on bag. Do not put items in a welcome bag that will burden your guest once they leave or cause them to pay for extra weight at the airport.  A good rule of thumb is to  keep the size of your gifts at about the size of a pen or pencil (in length and width).

Lastly, always remember to shop and purchase items from your heart. Your guests are traveling to celebrate the most important day with you. Show them how much you appreciate them and how much love you have for each and every guest. Taking the extra time to think about each detail will convey how much you care for the people who will enjoy your special day with you.

Besides, shopping is a great stress reliever.  Why wouldn’t you want to shop around for the best products? 🙂

Eventfully yours,

P.S. Let us know what you plan to put in your welcome gifts. We would love to hear!




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