BHLDN + Dee Kay Events: A Partnership Made in Wedding Heaven

It’s the second day of August.  Is the summer really halfway dunzo? Read: #retromtv #thehills.  I couldn’t help myself with the super cheese reference! #sorryimnotsorry

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days where you are typing so feverishly on the computer and making so many phone calls, that your husband needs to remind you that it’s almost midnight!  What?  Are you serious?  Have I really been working 16 hours!?  A million thoughts go through your head. Some good. Some bad. And, some, just down right exhausting.

As a business owner, sometimes you do not have a staff of 200 to take care of your 400 things on your to do list. Sometimes, it’s just you, your herbal tea and the promise of sunlight to peak through the window.

Some days can be grueling once you wake up. Others motivate you again.  They make you realize buy ativan tablets that all those hours are paying off and you are living your dream.

Today is one of those days.

I am proud to announce that Dee Kay Events and BHLDN have partnered to bring you the most beautiful and inspirational weddings.  BHLDN has selected us to be on their exclusive list of preferred event planners.  Special recognition aside, Dee Kay Events will now be able to bring you exclusive offers from BHLDN for all the special details for your wedding.

bhldn event planner badgeNever heard of BHLDN? Oh, dear. This lovely baroness is Anthropologie‘s sister brand. Whimsical, original and quality all wrapped up in a gorgeous vintage dream.  From wedding dresses, to intricate and beautiful décor, to veils and cake toppers.   BHLDN has it all.

We are thrilled to partner with such an amazing brand.

So, go ahead and B Inspired. We’ll be there along the way.

Dee Kay <3

bhldn_dee_kay_events_partnership_summer_2013Jola Dress  Ainsley Dress  Luna Bracelet  Tasseled Chandeliers Earrings
Seahorse Cake Topper  You’re My Lobster Card