Top Jersey Shore Wedding Venues: The Mill Lakeside Manor in Spring Lake

Top Jersey Shore Wedding Venues: The Mill Lakeside Manor in Spring Lake

The Jersey Shore is one of the most popular wedding destinations on the East Coast. The Jersey Shore offers so many beautiful wedding venues that you can get lost amongst all the seaside locations on the Atlantic Ocean. From the quaint historic towns and charming architecture, romance and elegance is at the root of these locations.

But, if you want a luxury dream wedding down the shore, then your search should stop at The Mill Lakeside Manor in Spring Lake, NJ.

Top Jersey Shore Wedding Venues: The Mill Lakeside Manor, Spring Lake, NJ

Overlooking a serene lake and surrounded by pristine natural beauty, The Mill Lakeside Manor provides an endless number of options for the ideal wedding celebration. An intimate Lakeside Garden with a glamourous ballroom, this beautiful NJ wedding venue is exclusively yours for your wedding. In the true tradition of the Clarks Landing Catering Family, there is only one ceremony at a time.

Private Lakeside Luxury Estate & Garden

This recently renovated and exquisite venue offers a blossoming outdoor ceremony space. The intimate location, which is surrounded by lovely seasonal vegetation, lush greenery, and a gently flowing lake, creates a calm and peaceful ambience for the exchange of your vows.

The resident swans, the water mill along with the sparkling fountain will fill the luxury landscape in all of your photos. The most romantic location for your first look and formal shots is complete with the new private dock with views of the lake.

Relax in Your Own Waterfront Getaway with the Wedding Suite

The Wedding Suite is a calm haven for couples to enjoy during their wedding reception. This peaceful private accommodations may be used to get ready for the big day, take a break or touch-up your look.

For your every wedding day need, the powder area includes hair tools, beauty items, as well as other “wedding day emergency kit” needs. The beautiful backdrop of tall beautiful windows line the room perfect to take some memorable shots with your wedding party.

The Mill Lakeside Manor

The Mill Lakeside Manor Idalia Photography - Top Jersey Shore Wedding Venues - Dee Kay Events

(Photo by Idalia Photography)

The Mill Lakeside Manor in Spring Lake, NJ offers everything that you can imagine for your dream Jersey Shore wedding: amazing scenery (no matter what time of year), exquisite cuisine, lovely architecture and décor, first class amenities and impeccable service! Couples who choose this NJ wedding venue know they will be getting an unforgettable experience.

Location: Spring Lake, NJ
Type: Lakeside Estate, Ballroom
Max Capacity: 250
Events Per Day: 1
Catering: In House
Pricing: $$$
Minimum: Depends on day of the week
Stand Out Features: Attention to Detail, Top Notch Food, Location, Amazing Staff

The Perfect Pair: 4 Quick Tips for Buying Your Luxe Wedding Shoes

The Perfect Pair: 4 Quick Tips for Buying Your Luxe Wedding Shoes

Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Badgley Mishka, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo design shoes for all occasions. But, what we know them for is the perfect dream wedding shoes.

If you consider yourself a fashionista, than you know that the devil is in the details. Wedding shoes are no exception. Wedding attire and wedding style go hand-in-hand.

But, how do you pick the perfect pair?

Luxe Footwear History

Although we are talking about wedding footwear for all, I though it would be fun to discuss the history of the high heel and wedding footwear first.

The origin of the wedding high heel is sketchy. Some say it was in ancient Egypt where they were adorned with jewels and gems to represent power, fertility, wealth and beauty. By 1000 BC, high heels were being used for walking across muddy surfaces, which evolved into a symbol of status and power due to the difficulty in maintaining balance while wearing them on uneven terrain or cobble stones. Others say it was in ancient Greece around 500 B.C. where they were worn by prostitutes to distinguish them from the upper class women who wore sandals.

They became popular among Egyptian noblemen because their feet resembled that of a jackal’s paw – an animal considered sacred at this time! Wedding footwear had become so important that the association of luxurious accessories with historical Egypt continues to this day.

A New Wave of Style

As you can see, wedding footwear is steeped in history and tradition. Yet, others consider Christian Louboutin as the “godfather” of the luxury shoe industry due to their unique approach on design by creating a platform at height that would give women more height making them look slimmer while accentuating muscular legs. This gave birth to another popular style called “the friend” or spike heels for many celebrities who walked down red carpets wearing these iconic shoes with the red bottom.

How Do You Find The Perfect Wedding Shoe


Pick Your Outfit First

Start by picking your outfit first. Wedding shoes should be consistent with the overall design of your ensemble, so take a look at what you are wearing. Are you wearing a dress? A suit? Do you want to go for an elegant style or something more modern? If you still aren’t sure about how it will work together, consider going shopping with some accessories and try.

Comfort and Style

Wedding shoes should be comfortable and stylish. Weddings generally last eight hours or more, some even go far into the wee hours of the morning (hello Vegas!). It’s a long day. You are going to need the support. The last thing you want to do on your special day is hobble down the aisle because your feet hurt from wearing the wrong fit shoe all night long. You want a comfortable pair of wedding shoes because let’s face it; your feet will probably hurt after standing during pictures for three hours.

Don’t forget about style either!

While we recommend that you opt for comfort rather than beauty, we also want you to add a little dazzle into your ensemble. The shoes need to suit your sense of fashion perfectly and make an impression with its appearance too. Let the comfort of the shoe reflect your style. Be bold with it. It is your wedding after all.

The style depends on if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding in high-heels or indoor winter affair where comfort trumps fashion…for once!

Take Your Time

When shopping for the perfect wedding shoes, remember not to rush or settle for less than what’s best. It takes time to find truly special items, especially when considering timeless pieces such as wedding footwear. Whether you want glittery heels or lace flats, shop around until you find a pair that you love.

Wedding season typically happens within six months of each year (May through October), this means that many couples are shopping around the same time. Begin to shop early to find the best options. Wedding shoes can be an expensive purchase so it is best to take your time and find the perfect pair that fits all of your needs for this special occasion.

Wedding Shoes: Find Inspiration

Before investing in a couture shoe, be sure to follow a few designers and browse online to get a sense of what you like before going out and buying. Be open minded and consider a variety of styles. Wedding shoes are not one size fits all, so be open and see what speaks to you!

Perfection No Matter What

As a reminder, what ever you choose in the end is exactly how it’s supposed to be…PERFECTLY FLAWLESS! There’s no such thing as the perfect shoe when it comes to wedding attire because every person has her own unique style – but with these tips in mind, finding your dream pair will be simple.

Now, head to the dance floor and drink your champagne! It’s going to be an amazing night!



Recently engaged in NJ and wondering about NJ wedding cost? Trying to find out how much your big, luxurious dream wedding will cost? Well, you may be looking at your NJ wedding costs all wrong. Hence, making you overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward on important decisions. When my clients first look at wedding costs, they do not know what to do about it. I candidly ask what they want to spend, and I usually get “Oh, we’re not sure.” I simply answer, “Great. So, should I start us out at a million dollars then?” I receive a quick laugh, but it helps to focus couples that there really is a cap on expenditure, no matter where your overall cost lands.

Getting married can simply cost you $30 – the filing fee at the county Clerk to make official that you will be paying taxes as a couple until forever. The rest of the cost of your wedding is basically celebrating this amazing new stage in your lives.

Usually, couples go into wedding planning knowing a total cost of catering and drinks without a thought about the rest. They put a deposit down and think “Oh, this is easy, we can afford this.” Then they start to research other wedding professionals and realize “Oh shit, I need help.”

If I had a dollar, for every time I had a phone call with potential clients saying they want to save money on their wedding, after agreeing to enormous costs before reaching out to me, I’d be long retired. It isn’t about saving money; it’s about spending in a smart way to what matters most to you as a couple.

Below, you will find new ways to analyze your wedding expenditure to make you focus on what’s important and not feeling guilty spending money for it.


When couples get engaged, they want the best of the best for their wedding. The word luxury gets thrown around but can mean different things to many people. At the time of writing this article, it is a luxury for me to sip my coffee and have focused time to write as a Mom to my toddler. But, it’s also a luxury that I am able to offer my services to my clients during a pandemic. It’s all about perspective.

Weddings cost money. The end. But, if you are reading this, more than likely you are trying to find information on how much things cost. It’s all new to you and you are looking to learn about an entire industry in just a quick google search.

There is no simple answer. But, to start, 


  • What do I want to spend my money the most on?
  • How much do I want to spend for what I care about?
  • Am I willing to be flexible with my desires?
  • Does my spending make sense to what I value?
  • Is what I value most even attainable in my market?

The last two questions are the most important. Why would you spend money on something that you don’t really care about for the most important day of your life? And do you have the means to afford that luxury? If not, how do you change it?

If you change the way you think about how you are going to spend your money, it becomes very clear, very quickly how much you want to spend. It gives you focus on what matters. It also gives you the freedom to pivot your plans in a happy way. You release all the “Ugh, I really wish I could have that” to “Oh, I can have this now!”

This small change in positive thinking will release you of so much anxiety and you can begin to relax.



The Knot wrote an article in 2019 (pre-Covid) called “The 25 Most Expensive Places to Get Married in America.” Out of the 25, eight were places in the NJ, NY, CT and PA areas. You are in the most expensive wedding market in the U.S. And 2022 and 2023 are only predicted to be higher due to economy recovery. Are you ready to take on the cost of your wedding?

The reason costs are so high are simple economics: cost of living, cost of housing and inflation, especially after this pandemic. Unfortunately, it takes time to learn about all wedding costs. It can also be overwhelming, and anxiety filled to begin searching and not knowing where to go.


Now, that we have established that you live in one of the most expensive wedding markets in the U.S., let’s break it down a bit more.

I’m a stats nerd and slightly obsessed with how Millennials are changing the world. (In this blog I reference Millennials as those born between 1978 and 2000.

I can go on for days about wedding economics, but I’ll keep the nerd chat to a minimum. Why are wedding statistics important? It will help you realize that you are not the only one dealing with these costs and it will help you focus how to spend appropriately for your wedding.


To reference different levels of spending expenditure, we will be using statistics provided by Splendid Insights from the 2020 Luxury Wedding Market Report and 2020 Premium Wedding Market Report, where 18, 216 couples were surveyed anonymously around different markets for the actual total spend (not including honeymoon) for their wedding.

  • “Premium” weddings are defined as anywhere from $31,000 – $95,000.
  • “Luxury” weddings are defined between $96,000 – $500,000.

Going back to the article referenced above, The 25 Most Expensive Places to Get Married in America, it is safe to say that your NJ wedding will fall between the premium or luxury definitions and is right on part with these statistics.


Of all couples married in 2019 (pre-Covid stats are most accurate, as of right now, due to the pandemic the past couple of years – costs will ultimately rise for 2022 and 2023), 85% were Millennials.

Of those in the premium bracket:

  • 45% spent between $46,000 – $95,000
  • 67% paid for the wedding themselves

Of those in the luxury bracket:

  • 93% spent between $96,000 – $250,000
  • 47% paid for the wedding themselves

Bottom line, your wedding is going to be an investment. It’s time you spend wisely on the things that matter.


Millennials lived through the 9/11 terrorist attacks and entered the work force in a recession. You tried to find a job or go to school when jobs weren’t happening. And, now you lived through 2 more recessions and a pandemic. We should celebrate that you are simply here and able to have a wedding!

Why does this matter?

Millennials, as a generation, are earning more than our predecessors, GenX and Boomers. But, it does not mean we are saving more. There is a profound Generational Wealth Gap that affects every single dollar we spend and make. Remember all those school loans that you are paying back? Remember how expensive your rent was and you had lived with your parents for a while? These are all realities of life that do not go away because you are engaged.

I know that’s depressing and you don’t want to hear about it. Fortunately, I am here to give you the realities of what is happening and how to still make your dream wedding happen. More than likely, you are paying for your own wedding, or your parents have enough wealth saved to be able to gift you this amazing wedding. It’s not your fault that you can’t pay for it. Millennials got the shit end of the stick.


I can openly tell you that most of my couples spend between $65,000 to $250,000 for 100 to 300 guests inclusive of all the details. Big, luxurious weddings in NJ are my wheelhouse, but it does not mean that I cannot work with smaller budgets. What I work with on all budgets is a what I call a “True Cost Per-Person” price or TCPP for short.

Let me explain.

  • A couple can spend $35,000 on 40 people or $175,000 on 200 people. These are two very drastically different budget numbers, correct? But, at closer look, they technically cost the same.
  • How is that possible? If you take your total budget cost and divide by your total number of guests, you will have your true cost per person. This includes every single cost of your wedding: florals, décor, cinema, photography… everything.
  • The true cost per-person for both referenced budgets above is $875.

Why does this matter? It matters because it will relay what you really want to spend and how to spend it. It will also tell you what level of service and product you want for your wedding. It also provides me a sure way to suggest all the wedding professionals to meet your needs. It also is a great way to have luxury at any scale.

If you think spending $875 per person is too much, let’s say $425 sounds better to you. Multiply that by 40 guests and you now have a $19,000 spend. Multiplied by 200 people you now have a $90,000 spend. The only thing changing here is number of guests, but not your wants, your needs, and everything else you want for your wedding.

If you look at your wedding spend amount as a true cost per-person (TCPP) number, you will be able to organize your spending in a way that fits most of your dream wedding. More than likely, the only thing that changes are the number of guests.


When we are in love, we want to shout it on the rooftops. We want everyone to bake in the divine warmth of what we feel. To be honest, not everyone should have the privilege to witness the celebration.

The reason I explain the true cost per-person system is to show you that you can still have all the amazing details that you have been dreaming about. Instead of a two-course meal in a big ballroom with a few hundred guests, you can now have a private chef serve a ten-course tasting for 40. It’s being able to recognize what is important to you and how to spend your money.


The wedding statistics mentioned prior don’t lie. You are most likely paying for this wedding yourselves or your parents/in laws are involved too. What does this mean? Having to deal with a bunch of family politics you did not expect. Are you being coerced into inviting an entire group of people that you never met? Are your parents concerned they may offend people if they are not invited?

These are all things you are going to have to navigate through during the entire wedding process. As a reminder, you do not have to invite your co-workers. You do not have to invite your neighbors. You do not have to invite anyone if you don’t want to.

Keeping up with a certain façade is an absolute energy sucker. As a Millennial, you want to break free from all these old-fashioned norms . You don’t run your own business or medical practice to impress others. You are out there for the greater good. Keep that same balance when it comes to planning your wedding. Keep your values and boundaries clear.


All of these “must dos” for weddings are non-existent. We sometimes get caught up in all the craziness and lose focus. Go back to the basics and center yourself on what you value. If you want to spend $20,000 on florals, do it. If you rather cut the guest list so you can have the band that you want, do it.

Ted from accounting isn’t going to care that he didn’t get invited. Those work people from your parents’ firm, they’ll get over it. What will matter is that in 20 years, you look back at your photos and you still get goosebumps looking at the décor that you didn’t have to compromise. You will also look back and be glad you kept your wedding exclusive to the people you love the most. 

Engaged in NJ - Spend Wisely - Dee Kay Events - wedding vendor cost


They cost how much you want to pay. Let me explain.

I am way on the other side of just being engaged. Next year I will be celebrating my ten-year anniversary with my husband. Between my personal journey and my business journey, I’ve learned a thing or two.

I can work with any wedding spend if it’s reasonable for your market. There is a certain finesse to being in business for almost 8 years. There are countless relationships that have grown and flourished to make your business bloom. There is a certain level of expectation of service and what my clients expect as an end-product. They expect me to deliver wedding professionals that will make them cry when they see their wedding film. That will make them gasp when they walk into their fully detailed ballroom filled with romantic florals and candles.

All these moments above are brought to you by experience, refinement, and longevity. Sure, I can recommend a photographer who is new and only charging $1,500 for an entire wedding. Or, a photographer at the same price from a company that pushes out weddings like a factory, without any personal connection. But, what kind of experience would my clients be having then?

The wedding professionals I recommend go with my philosophy of having an experience from the first day. The cost of this experience does not change if you have 40 or 300 people at your wedding. The price is the price and for good reason.

If you are spending $65,000 on your venue for 100 people, it does not make sense to hire a professional that is not up to that caliber. Someone who does not know that venue. Does not know what to expect. Does not know what to deliver for your wedding.

No matter your wedding size, and I will say this until I’m blue in the face, if you are looking for a certain style, level of service, experience, or all the above, the price of your wedding professional will not be lowered due to the amount of your guests.

So, I pose my answer as a question now: What is the cost of how much you want to pay?


The cost of a wedding is not only the bottom line. It’s also what you value. Do you value an experienced photographer or someone new? Do you value an experienced planner to give sound advice, or just want someone to make sure transportation picks you up on the day of? Do you value an officiant who will tell your story and make all your guests cry or someone to simply make it official?

What you value is what matters in the end. For my clients, the majority value all the little details, beautiful florals, an easy no stress day with wedding professionals that will give the ultimate wedding experience.

These all fall into a range of premium and luxury pricing. Therefore, understanding your true cost per-person expenditure is important.


Maybe it’s the caliber of wedding professionals that I work with and adore, but I have yet to still find vendors that fits this list of “average pricing” that you will find in various wedding blog articles. I don’t think it’s fair to categorize an average of pricing for your wedding professionals when these numbers are only based on price, but not based on value or number of guests.


You may think it’s a good idea to ask for pricing in wedding Facebook groups (Are you surprised that your wedding planner knows this exists? ::insert evil grin here::) All this does is cause confusion and overwhelm. What Kelly in Philly spent on her 50-person wedding is not what you need for your 200 person wedding down the Jersey Shore.


I put together a few of graphics to help you visualize the cost of luxury wedding professionals in NJ. Samples are based on 75, 150 and 250 guests under the assumption the same style of wedding will occur.





This may sound like a shameless plug, but for the money you are spending, you need someone that understands the wedding market that you are getting married. They need to understand what you envision along with what you value. Someone who understands all facets of your wedding.

Hire a wedding planner before you start looking for venues. Once you put the biggest deposit down, everything else trickles down from there. It will affect the entirety of your wedding.

Are you dreaming of being published in a wedding blog or magazine? If you agree to venue minimums before figuring out the total cost of everything, your level of spend for all the details will be non-existent.


Who ever said that once you are engaged, you must be married within a year or two? No one. I’m not sure how this has become a thing, but a long engagement could be a good thing.

Covid reigned a chaotic mess for so many couples who had to postpone, not once, but sometimes two or three times. Due to the re-scheduling, many venues are already booked up through 2022. If you are getting engaged in NJ at the end of this year or early next, you may be looking at a 2024 date.

This isn’t a bad thing. It gives you time to figure out your true wants and needs. Don’t feel forced to do things quickly. Take a breath and plan for yourselves.


Choices. We all have choices. The hard part is being confident enough to know that we made the right one. How do you know if you booked the right venue? How do you know the food will be great? How do you know that the $150,000 you are spending is going to be worth the memories? Just reading these sentences can make anyone’s heart start to race.

You don’t know. Everything will be a risk. This is where you need to begin to think with your head and not your heart. Is it worth spending more money on escalated cuisine as opposed to a 10-piece band? Is it worth having peonies instead of garden roses?

You may be thinking why is a wedding planner, who makes a living from weddings, trying to convince me not to spend money? I want you to spend wisely and make every penny count. No matter who is paying for it.


Yes, we all want to have this amazing, crazy epic wedding day. But it doesn’t have to be with 400 of your parents’ closest friends or without all the details you love. Cut down your guest list, stand your ground with your family and truly only invite your closest. If someone gets offended, show them this article. Wedding expenditure is far more complicated than it seems.









Top Jersey Shore Wedding Venues: Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant

Top Jersey Shore Wedding Venues: Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant

One of the top Jersey Shore wedding venues is hands down Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ. Your own personal mansion by-the-sea engulfed by the sparkle and beauty of the glistening Manasquan River while the warm and gold sunset reflects and dances off the water.

Above all, a dream wedding only begins with a dream setting. And, this is it. Your guests will be greeted with champagne through the beautiful cherry wooden doors. As they step into the marble foyer, they will be surrounded by grand ceilings and feel they are entering a private estate. The expansive water view will have them sipping on their cocktails and dreaming of owning one of the yachts on the water.

As they ascend up the grand staircase, their eyes are in wonder as they see the ballroom equipped with a round dancefloor. Once you enter the room, there is one more teeny-tiny secret for your guests. The shades open to the 180 view of the beautiful water and sunset. A magical moment for everyone in that room.

Meanwhile, during the night, your guests will enjoy the best service at the Jersey shore as they dine on dishes only the Clarks Family can deliver. Five star dining with the service of a luxury yacht.

A one-of-a-kind space for a one-of-a-kind couple topped with unparalleled service. From the moment you give them a call to the moment you are whisked away in your car home, you will feel that you have been taken care of like family.

As one of the Top Luxury New Jersey Venues, you will never forget your experience with them. Scroll below for some quick stats about the venue.

Top Jersey Shore Wedding Venues: Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant

New Jersey Wedding Venue Clarks Landing Yacht Club Dee Kay Events Kelly Sea Images

Photo by Kelly Sea Images

Location: Point Pleasant, NJ
Type: Yacht Club, Ballroom
Max Capacity: 280
Events Per Day: 1
Catering: In House
Pricing: $$$
Minimum: Depends on day of the week

Stand Out Features: Attention to Detail, Top Notch Food, Location, Amazing Staff

Things to Consider:
Although capacity is at 280 for the ballroom, do not worry if your wedding is smaller. The reason the ballroom works for all different sized weddings is because of the round dance floor. You will always feel intimate in the space, especially with the view.