Spotlight on Best NJ Wedding Florists: An Exclusive Feature on Bespoke Floral & Event Design

Spotlight on Best NJ Wedding Florists: An Exclusive Feature on Bespoke Floral & Event Design

Meet the Experts: The Best NJ Wedding Florists for Luxury Floral Designs

As a seasoned wedding planner in the tri-state, I know what it takes to hire a luxury florist. A luxurious wedding deserves nothing but the best, and finding the perfect florist who can bring your dream wedding bouquet, ceremony, and reception to life is essential. When planning a wedding, every detail matters; one of the most crucial elements is the floral design. Your flowers tell a story, and the right florist can bring your vision to life. One name stands out when I think of one of the best NJ wedding florists in New Jersey: Bespoke Floral & Event Design.

We are thrilled to introduce one of the top-notch options for a luxury wedding florist in New Jersey who can create stunning, Instagram-worthy floral designs to elevate your special day. Rondineli (“Ron”) Oliveira, Scott Gersten, and Gabrielle Rotondi-Ryan have made their mark in the New Jersey luxury wedding market. They are the brains and design genius behind Bespoke Floral & Event Design, known for their exceptional aesthetic and commitment to realizing their clients’ design vision for their special day.

Meet Ron: From Farm to Best NJ Wedding Florists

Ron’s story is one of passion and perseverance. Embarking on his floral journey in Brazil, he cultivated his love for flowers while growing up on a farm. Initially creating floral arrangements for friends’ events, Ron decided to pursue his creative talents in the wedding industry. His love for design and all things floral led him to launch Bespoke Floral & Event Design with Scott Gersten, who shares his passion for creating unforgettable experiences. Ron’s passion blossomed into a thriving business, servicing over 100 weddings annually and reigning as one of the best wedding florists in the tri-state.

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Clients should work with vendors they feel comfortable with when discussing their visions and event design. They should also allow the professionals to make suggestions and appreciate their expertise when needed.

The Essence of Bespoke Floral

The driving force behind Bespoke Floral is the passion for bringing their clients’ dreams to life. Since Ron and Scott started the business in 2019, the team has been committed to creating timeless designs that reflect each couple’s unique style and preferences. As luxury wedding florists, Bespoke’s expertise lies in their ability to create a seamless blend of classic and modern aesthetics, always with a nod to the timeless. In five years, Bespoke has grown to service hundreds of clients throughout the tri-state and is featured by many publications, including a spotlight with The Knot’s Ask the Experts featuring Scott and Ron.

Bespoke Floral is a renowned name across numerous luxury veA Bespoke Floral couple who recently married at the Madison Hotel in New Jersey. Whether it’s an opulent indoor setting at Shadowbrook or the luxury vineyard Renault, their designs never fail to add an extra layer of elegance and sophistication. They have also had the honor of designing floral masterpieces at some of the most sought-after wedding venues, including Ashford EstateBonnet Island Estate, and Park Chateau.

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Innovation & Floral Trends for 2024 from the Best NJ Wedding Florists

Most Bespoke Floral clients look for a simple, clean, classic look of all-white, cream, and blush florals with minimal greenery and a timeless design and style. But Ron and Gabrielle are dedicated to being on top of the latest trends in the luxury wedding industry, no matter the design challenge.

A Bespoke Floral couple who recently married at the Madison Hotel wanted a gothic theme wedding with all rich, deep tones and black accents. The bride’s dress was black, and she looked stunning. She was thrilled with Bespoke’s designs that perfectly complemented the theme. Bespoke can imagine any design, no matter the theme, and work with clients and planners to bring any wedding theme to life.

Ron already sees and predicts more dusty blues as a trending color for 2024. He also looks forward to incorporating more natural elements, such as dried flowers and unique textured organic elements, into their designs.

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Luxurious, Timeless Designs: The Bespoke Way

Bespoke Floral’s mission is to make every wedding an unforgettable experience for its clients by creating timeless designs that reflect their unique love story. They love working with clients who appreciate the importance of floral design in making a luxurious wedding experience. Ron would love to work on Harry Styles wedding because he has a unique style and creative designs. Bespoke Floral couples want their wedding to be a luxury, one-of-a-kind experience with out-of-the-box designs. They are unafraid to try bold colors and experiment with different floral elements. Bespoke clients allow creative freedom to design without limitations or restrictions.

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Connecting Through Floral Artistry

It is not easy feat to be known as one of the best NJ wedding florists. It takes a certain kind of creativity and dedication to craft unforgettable floral designs that truly reflect the couple’s love story.

The Bespoke Floral & Event Design team believes in the power of personalization. They take the time to understand each client’s vision, relying on inspirational photos and Pinterest boards to guide their design process. This is why they are one of the best NJ wedding florists. They ensure that each centerpiece reflects the couple’s personality and style, making each wedding truly one of a kind.

Ron brings a unique and personalized approach to each wedding he works on. His attention to detail and expertise in creating opulent floral arrangements make him a go-to choice for couples seeking an extraordinary floral experience.

Gabrielle loves working with fashion-forward couples and has a keen eye for incorporating unique, high-end floral elements into her designs. She is always looking to push boundaries and create something truly magical.

Ron and Gabrielle make an unbeatable team, bringing their passion and expertise to every wedding they work on.

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Why We Love Collaborating with Bespoke Floral & Event Design

As a tri-state wedding planner, I have worked with Ron and his team on multiple occasions. From our first meeting to the event day, their professionalism and attention to detail have always impressed me. They work tirelessly to ensure every floral element is perfect, from the boutonnieres to the centerpieces, creating a cohesive and breathtaking atmosphere for guests.

Their creativity knows no bounds, and they are always open to trying new things and pushing boundaries. Their designs have never failed to amaze both myself and my clients. I have also witnessed firsthand their genuine care and passion for making each client’s wedding day truly special and a reflection of their love story.

Working with Ron, Gabrielle, and Scott has always been a delightful experience. Their attention to detail, understanding of client’s needs, and innovative approach make them the perfect collaborators in the luxury wedding industry. They also so kindly let us bring our clients to their beautiful showroom in Neptune to give our couples a unique design experience. It is a dream to work with one of the best NJ wedding florists. It makes our design process smooth and fun while giving our clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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The Luxury Floral Experience: What Sets Bespoke Floral Apart?

When you think of the best NJ wedding florists, what comes to mind? Bespoke Floral & Event Design provides an exceptional experience from the initial consultation to your wedding day. Ron and his team take the time to understand your vision, bringing it to life with their expertise and creativity. Their attention to detail and commitment to exceeding expectations make them a top choice for luxury weddings in the tri-state area.
At Bespoke Floral, every client is treated like family. Their passion and dedication to creating timeless designs ensure your wedding day is unforgettable. Their love for their work is evident in every detail of their designs. They ensure that every element perfectly aligns with the couple’s vision. They take pride in their ability to create beautiful designs within a client’s budget, and their innovative ideas, like the gothic-themed wedding, truly set them apart in the luxury wedding market.

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Redefining the Art of the Luxury Floral Experience

Bespoke Florals’ dedication to their craft and exceeding their clients’ expectations has genuinely set Ron, Gabrielle, and Scott apart in the luxury wedding market in New Jersey. Their passion for their work is evident in every design they create, making Bespoke Floral & Event Design a shining star in luxury weddings. From classic and timeless to bold and daring, Bespoke Floral is dedicated to bringing your vision to life in ways that will truly take your breath away. We are humbled by their expertise and grateful for their friendship.

If you are stuck and need help designing your wedding, we’d happily walk you through our design process and help bring your vision to life with Bespoke by our side.

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