Single-Flower Bouquets: Less is More

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For couples seeking a timeless yet modern style, nothing speaks to the heart quite like single-flower bouquets. This subtle choice serves as a reminder that it’s not about quantity or extravagance – rather, it’s all about love and your unique connection with each other.

If you have named your style “minimalist,” I must rather choose “understated elegance.” (Your love for your partner isn’t minimal, so why describe your wedding style that way?) Someone who chooses the main design focus to remain on the beauty of the flower and the one who holds it. This is in line with my philosophy to all of my clients when we begin our design sessions: a focus on the couple, that’s all that matters. Sometimes that focus means less is more.

Single-Flower Bouquets for Any Style & Spend

Single-flower bouquets are the perfect way to keep your wedding style timeless and beautiful. Depending on your colors, a single-flower bouquet can work for any theme wedding. As long as the flowers reflect what you love as a couple, you cannot go wrong. They are perfect for marriers looking to create an impactful yet graceful look for their wedding day. From classic romance and modern edginess to luxurious glamour, you can craft a timeless and elegant look that fits into any wedding style.

Moreover, with an incredibly approachable price point, single-stem blooms will save on your total financial happy place. You will not compromise on the look that you have been envisioning. These stunning blooms bring both captivating beauty and graceful elegance that will give you more spending choices elsewhere.

Simplified Floral Options & Focus on the Couple

Choosing florals can seem like a daunting task. A single-flower bouquet is one of the simplest and chicest options to enhance your wedding day. Once you choose your stem, you can use this throughout the rest of your design. Break it down to a single-stem bouquet to lower anxiety. Victor Hugo once wrote, “life is a flower of which love is the honey.” Picking the one flower for your wedding bouquet should be just as sweet.

The chicness and simplicity of this look will make sure that all eyes are on you and your partner. Honor the love between you both and choose a stem that reminds you of the partnership and foundation shared between you. A rose is an enduring symbol of love, strength, and courage. Why not highlight this throughout your design? A single-flower bouquet also allows you to focus on finding that perfect flower or color. Or pick bold colors for drama or subtle pastels for elegance. Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture either and add greenery for a different layer. Whether you choose an all-white palette or opt for a single dramatic color, these bouquets will be sure to make your wedding guests take notice of your floral design.

How-To-Choose Single-Flower Bouquets

Creating a beautiful single-flower bouquet requires some planning ahead of time. First, think about the style and look you are trying to achieve and then determine which type of flower best fits that vision. Consider things like size, color, and season when making your selection. It is also important to consider the foliage you will be using (more on that below!) —mixing different textures & shades can make all the difference in creating a truly jaw-dropping look.

The flower you choose needs to work for the honor of being the only stem in your wedding bouquet. Choose a flower that blooms bigger than both of your fists put together. Make sure the size of the flower is big enough to stand on its own but also complement your attire and stature. For a classic and elegant look, opt for a reflexed (pulled-back petals) garden rose, a peony in full bloom, or something completely out of the box, like a magnolia. If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsy, consider the dinner plate dahlia. For a dramatic tropical look, the protea is the perfect match. Finally, don’t forget to add other elements such as silk ribbons for an extra special touch.

Single-Flower Bouquets Throughout Your Wedding Design

Single-flower bouquets can be incorporated into other areas of the wedding with ease as well. Consider making petite versions of single-flower bouquets for your wedding party or placing them in vases as centerpieces at the reception. You can also create a larger version of the bouquet to hang from the ceiling or walls, making it an even more dramatic focal point to compliment your understated bouquet. Whichever way you decide to incorporate this elegant trend into your wedding, it’s sure to make a lasting impression on your guests!

A few other elements should be considered before adding greenery to your single-flower bouquet. When creating a single-flower bouquet, it’s important to consider the size, shape and color of the flower. Additionally, think about how the flower will look when paired with greenery or other elements like ribbons, wedding party attire, etc. It is important to make sure that the type of flower you choose is in line with your overall design.

Pair Your Single-Flower Bouquet With Greenery

When it comes to adding greenery to single-flower bouquets, there are a variety of options.

Ferns and eucalyptus can add a lush, full look that elevates the overall design. Plumosus Fern is perfect for a whimsical touch to your bouquet. It may be small in stature, but it has a big impact with its lacy leaves and fluffiness. With its delicate, lacy leaves and short stems, this fluffy green foliage is the perfect addition to your petite bouquet. Additionally, with its eye-catching almond-shaped leaves and clusters of dainty seeds, Seeded Eucalyptus gives any floral pairing an extra layer of texture and visual interest. It’s so versatile. This botanical beauty pairs with any bloom to take your bouquet from lovely to breathtaking.

Baby’s breath and ivy delicately add texture to an understated look, creating a timeless exterior.

For more dramatic yet simple designs, opt for palm leaves or magnolia leaves that will draw attention to the flower centerpiece. The lush green foliage of magnolia leaves creates an unmistakably romantic atmosphere for timelessly gorgeous results. And, the palm leaf will focus on your tropical-inspired flower to make your bouquet pop.

By incorporating some carefully chosen greenery into your bouquet, you can create an eye-catching display sure to make a lasting impression.

Single-Flower Bouquets: Less is More

You have so many choices for your wedding day. Embrace the simplicity of single-flower bouquets. When paired with the right greenery and design, a single flower can create an unforgettable statement that your guests will be sure to appreciate.

If you would like more inspiration, check out our feature on Brides: 13 Stunning Single Flower Wedding Bouquet Ideas. We hope the feature inspires you!


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