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Refreshed. Renewed. Restored. We have a new look, and we can finally share it with you!

When you first go into business for yourself, you don’t realize how much actually goes into making the business run. From accounting to sales to marketing, it’s much more than the service that you provide. A successful business is not driven on talent alone. Running a business is sort of like marriage. Love is awesome, so is your fresh idea, but it takes more than love (and your idea) to make a marriage (or your business) work.

Here is what my brain was like when taking the first steps to making the Dee Kay Events:

“Ahh! This is going to be great! I’m doing what I love. Woot woot! OK. I need a website and business cards. How hard can that be? Technology has come very far. I can do this. OK, but wait, I need a logo too. Simple. I know graphic design and have some great friends that can help me along the way. But, how do I represent the business so that my clients can understand the scope of work that I do? What if my logo sucks? What work do I even do? What are my services? What am I even doing? I really just want to lay down right now.”

In the beginning, you may just put something together and not put much thought into it. You have a website. You’re legit, right? Not exactly.

Dee Kay Events just celebrated our second birthday a couple of weeks ago. And, let me tell you, I have learned more about myself during this time than any other part of my life. The ups, the downs, the joys, the fears. My head spun in a million different directions, but I also tilted and shifted my business in so many different ways.

The journey of being a business owner is the beauty of being an entrepreneur. You don’t even realize all that you are learning until a day like today. Just like marriage, it takes a lot of communication, compromise, letting of ego and being humble. Although still not perfect, and I never will be, I am very proud of where I have come, the work I have done and the smiles from the service that I provide.

It was time to refresh, get grounded and go full speed on this crazy business train.

So, what do we do? Style. Inspiration. Event design. Production. In other words, your insurance policy of happy for your event!

Welcome to the new look of Dee Kay Events! Be sure to check bios, photos and our Love Notes: beautiful hand written notes from our clients! Remember to share the love too!

Eventfully Yours,
-Diane 🙂

P.S. Thank you to my incredible vendor friends for all of their wonderful help! Miro Celic for all the wonderful new head shots; Liz Geddes from Octavia Brown for letting us live in her studio space for two days; the wonderful Nicole Sievers of NSMUA for making us all pretty; Russel from Styles on B for the curls; and, the Dee Kay Events team for putting up with my crazy. 🙂

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Diane Kolanović-Šolaja Creative Director & Owner
Diane Kolanović-Šolaja, Creative Director and Owner of Dee Kay Events, is an award-winning wedding planner, author, and speaker. Equipped with a dynamic blend of experience in corporate law and technology, a gut feeling with a 90-day plan, and an undying passion for uniting people in celebration, she transformed her vision to help people into a leading tri-state wedding planning service. Diane's approach is deeply personal, blending meticulous planning with a flair for design and a commitment to cherished memories, creating over a decade-long legacy of crafting luxurious, unforgettable weddings. Diane's journey demonstrates her unwavering dedication to celebrating love across the Jersey Shore and beyond, making every marrier's dream day a splendid reality.

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