Give Love, Get Love: Five Simple Philosophies for a Beautiful Business

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Since the inception of Dee Kay Events, it has been very important to me to run a business that is full of heart, soul and fun. (If you’re not familiar how I got started in my own wedding planning business, you may want to hop over and read this.) It’s my personal philosophy that giving of yourself to someone in order to help them is the greatest gift you can ever receive. I am filled with joy when I see someone’s text filled with smiling emojis because I sent a “thinking of you” hand written card. I am humbled when I volunteer. I am grateful when I am able to make my clients simply smile on their wedding day.

Giving of myself is something that has always been a part of me. Giving is much better than receiving. Sometimes, it’s not all puppies and sparkles. I have to constantly pep myself up with the constant up and downs of a creative business. But, when you re-focus your thoughts, your entire life changes.

Maybe instead of expecting things from people, you create something for them. Maybe when you give a gift to someone, you don’t keep tabs. Give freely for the sake of giving. Maybe instead of valuing your business based on popularity or number of likes, how about run a business based on self-worth, positivity and making a difference.

As we round out and prepare for Thanksgiving 2018, I wanted to leave you with 5 silly steps to keeping yourself grounded and hopefully inspire you to serve others in your personal or professional life. We promise karma is one amazing lady. The universe will give back as much as you give in. So, make a commitment and saddle up to do the work of love, respect and kindness.

Wishing you and your families the most beautiful and love filled holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Five Simple Philosophies for a Beautiful Business

  1. Let go when someone talks trash about you on social media. Not worth it at all.
  2. Don’t seek revenge. Find comfort in karma and keep doing you.
  3. Blinders on! Comparison is the thief of joy! Put your sunglasses on and keep working towards your goals.
  4. Ask and you shall receive. The universe is listening! So are your friends and family. Ask for help, k?
  5. When all else fails, buy someone else a drink. They’ll probably drink with you.

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