10 Surprising, Simple & Subtle Ways to Become the Perfect Bride during the World Cup 2014, Backed by Your Soccer Loving Fiancé

The invitations are out. The décor is set. Your final fitting was last week. Everything is almost done on your wedding checklist. Except for one small thing: telling your fiancé that there is no way that anything slightly related to World Cup 2014 will grace your elegant, classic wedding design that you have been planning for a year.

It’s time to come to terms that  you’re marrying a soccer fanatic and you cannot escape the Holy Grail of sporting events. Not only is your wedding in a month, but the World Cup 2014 will be airing just about every day during your 30 day countdown. Every. Single. Day.

Before you call off the wedding, below are some DKE tips on how to have the best of both worlds. The World Cup comes every four years, but your wedding is only once in a lifetime. Why not surprise the one you love (who happens to love soccer too!) with a little bit of a World Cup dedication?

C’mon. It won’t be that bad. We promise!


1. Place a World Cup Schedule into your Guest’s Welcome Gift

World Cup 2014 Schedule, Dee Kay Events, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding

Having guests stay at hotel? Add this fun and beautiful World Cup Pocket Guide Booklet by Lucila Hand Made. Beautifully designed, it comes complete with country team flags, brackets starting from round of 16 and the full schedule until the final game. There are also spaces to fill in team stats. This compact and gorgeous schedule guide will warm all soccer hearts, while you still keep the beauty and detail of your wedding welcome gift.


2. Add Some World Cup Inspired Fashion

World Cup Fashion, Dee Kay Events, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, World Cup Party

We’re not saying to go out and change your wedding attire to match your country’s colors. As much as we love classy with a “K” around here, we rather see you in this stunning pair of Karl Lagerfeld flats. An ode to the game, elegantly under your dress. Pricing is by request.


3. One Word: Foosball

World Cup 2014, Dee Kay Events, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, Foosball WeddingSet-up a foosball table during cocktail hour. The soccer fans will love it! And, it’s a great photo op for the newly married couple!


4. Flip Off a Ref

World Cup 2014, Dee Kay Events, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, havaianas, teams ii

Sometimes yellow cards are unfairly called and can ruin the chances of your team winning. All you want to do is “flip off” the ref. Sometimes in wedding planning, you may feel the same. Now, let’s channel that anger into something positive… like happy feet! We love a flip flop amenity basket at a summer wedding. Why not fill it with these awesome Team II Havaianas? Pick your favorite team or mix it up. Your guests will be grateful to be able to dance the night away!


5. Bring the Game to Your Open Bar

World Cup Beer, World Cup Drink, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, World Cup PartyThe World Cup is one big party that celebrates diverse culture and promotes tolerance and love. But, you do not need to display the game live with an eye sore of a pull down screen. (Your fan guests will stream it live on their phones anyways.) But, what you can do is focus on some fun details at the bar.

World Cup Drink, Dee Kay Events, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, World Cup Party

Serve beers from your favorite country, create a World Cup signature drink or print cocktail bar napkins with “cheers” in difference languages. To take it a bit further, print out these funny and entertaining World Cup 2014 Drinking Game Rules from She Knows. A win-win for everyone.

World Cup Drink, World Cup Drinking Game, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, World Cup Party

(Pop quiz: how many languages can you say “cheers” in? Leave your answers in the comments below!)


6. Add Some Samba and Bossa Nova to Your Music List

Brazil has some of the best dancers in the world. And, although we’ve all watched Dancing with the Stars and secretly wished to get dance lessons, you probably won’t master the dance moves before your wedding. Instead, add the sexy vibe to your music list. Samba and Bossa Nova were meant to make you move. Your guests will love it, and after they sip their World Cup signature drink, everyone will be a pro dancer.


 7. Honeymoon in Rio!

World Cup Honeymoon, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, World Cup Party, Honeymoon in Rio, Twilight House, Twilight Honeymoon

Because what other time can you convince your fiancé to go to the Twilight Honeymoon House? It’s legit. Click the pic. We promise!


8. Gift a Country

World Cup Fashion, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, World Cup Party, World Cup Cufflinks

How fun are these cuff links from Bjeweled Vintage? Perfect for your groomsmen or your husband-to-be. Something they can use over and over again, and not just every four years.


9. Have Fun with Your Photos

World Cup Photos, Dee Kay Events, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, World Cup Party, World Cup 2014, Soccer Wall

It’s the soccer wall. Must we say more?


10. Remember the Passion

Remember those butterflies in your belly when you first met? Remember your first kiss? Your wedding is a celebration of your passion for each other. So, why not add a couple of these tips to your wedding to nurture his/her passion for the game?

If you still don’t understand, here is some inspiration via ESPN. (Click for video)

World Cup 2014, ESPN, World Cup Wedding, Soccer Wedding, untameable spirit passion for the beautiful game


Have any more World Cup 2014 or soccer wedding inspiration? We would love to hear about it! Leave your comments below!

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*For the sake of this post and our mostly American readers, we are using the word soccer instead of the international use of “football.”

Also, here’s to Croatia winning today! #budiponosan