Our Top 5 Moments of 2020 & Our Holiday Wish For You

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Personal & Lifestyle

As my friend Santa would say, 2020 was elfed up. I am sure I can find many words to describe this year, but I find it’s always best to share a giggle.

2020 Top 5 Moments with the Šolaja Family

  • Finding disinfectant at the store
  • Became masters at online shopping
  • Family vacation to the backyard
  • Our baby girl turned 1
  • Mom didn’t kill the garden plants

Much like most of the world, we have been all dressed up with no where to go all year. So, here’s our fancy photo outside even though we’ve been mostly inside. It has been the craziest year, but we hope you have found the joy of togetherness and found the beauty in all of the stillness. Wishing you a very blessed holiday and a joyful new year…from six feet away!


Photo by: Idalia Photography

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