Diane Šolaja

Diane Šolaja

diane-solajaDo you remember that girl in high school and in college who always threw the best parties? Or, that friend you always went to for advice? Or, perhaps even that girl in kindergarten that just hugged everyone a lot and still does? Maybe you just met someone and for some reason felt like you’ve know that person your whole life?


Creative Director + Owner

Meet Diane. She has a knack for all of the above. A post-corporate survivor who took a leap of faith after 12 years of working in NYC to own her own creative business. Full of heart, soul and suburban street smarts stemming from Manalapan, NJ, Diane is your go-to girl.

With a constant smile and happy disposition, it’s difficult to have a pout around Diane. She will instantly lift you up, guide you in the right direction and make you laugh until your sides hurt. Sarcasm is her best friend and living life in the moment is her mantra.

A need to always make things right in the world, she also runs a non-profit organization for young Croatian-Americans where, with the help of her board members, designs, executes and produces stellar networking events around the globe.

Diane works from the heart. She still cries at every wedding. She single-handedly has over used the term faclempt. Her nickname in college (and, still!) is Mama Dee. She can’t help but like posts about puppies. And, from what we’ve heard, she has a stellar voice while driving in her car…alone. Her five years of French education has never really been put to use, but comes out after a few glasses of champagne.

Growing up, she watched her bridal seamstress mother host the most extravagant and over the top Sunday dinners anyone has ever saw. She loved helping and designing the dinner table and placing every piece of dinnerware onto the table. Diane also won the award for cutest flower girl of the 1980s where she infamously picked her nose during her cousin’s nuptials forever caught on VHS.

So, why wedding and event planning now? She has a light inside of her that she is so eager to share with the people around her. The mere thought of giving someone the best day ever brings so much joy to heart. Sharing her talent all while celebrating relationships is what makes this girl live and breath Dee Kay Events.

She firmly believes that if “you give love, you get love.” And, that’s exactly what she does.

“I come from a very strong cultural background. I am very proud of my roots from Croatia. That being said, I’m not quite sure where this desire to be a lawyer came from. I think it had a lot to do after my father got hurt on the job when I was 16. I felt I needed to be the complete American Dream…for my parents.

I was on track to becoming a lawyer, but after working as a legal secretary and working for several firms, I realized I wasn’t fulfilled creatively or in my heart. My transition began through a couple of small career changes through communications, marketing, and eventually events for a legal firm. I learned a ton in this time, but nothing brought me joy as much as hosting a party or helping a friend out with their wedding planning.

With this unique style I posses and insatiable appetite for design, I could not escape this artful life. I’ve always yearned to help people, but I also needed creative freedom.”

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