Billy McLean

Billy McLean

billy-mclean“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.” – Helen Keller


What is Billy good at? Putting together a party.

What is he great at? Being the life of that same party.

Add a touch of humor, an incredible fashion sense, a love for people watching and the innate ability to design and execute at the same time, and you have the design coordinator of the stars!

Although he is a New Jersey native living in Hoboken, Billy at heart is NYC guy. The constant buzz of a city with so much diversity and beauty, he cannot help but set-up shop in a park and people watch from time to time.

He is an active athlete and loves to run, ski and partake in this phenomena called soul cycle. He’s worked as a stylist, merchant and manager and always has an incredible eye for composition and arrangements.

He raises the standard of style and grace and acts a key team member for Dee Kay Events.

If you’re looking to buy him flowers, make sure you purchase peonies. If you’re looking to date him, buy him and Old Fashioned and call him pretty.