Grateful Inspiration

It’s that time of year again.  The time to dig up the most comfortable yoga pants in hopes of enough room for Mom’s all-day-roasted turkey with stuffing and all the wonderful sides. A time where we reflect on what’s important in our lives and to give thanks to this wonderful life.

But, when you think of Thanksgiving, what words come to mind?

Perhaps plentiful, family or simply love.  Now, how do you transfer that to your dining decor? Well, it’s autumn. Why not focus on the beautiful fall colors and special florals that only bloom for the season. Leaves are in abundance and the color of love can be interpreted into just about any warm color. What a wonderful palate to create your perfect table setting!

Whatever words you use to describe this wonderful holiday, we hope that your Thanksgiving, no matter where you are or what is served for dinner, we wish your hearts full of love, smiles full of joy and a life full of prosperity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

All my love,
-DK 🙂