2018 NYC Bridal Fashion Week, 2019 Bridal Trends And How I Took Out A Celebrity

2018 NYC Bridal Fashion Week, 2019 Bridal Trends and How I Took Out a Celebrity

NYC Bridal Fashion Week is so glamorous and exciting. This year took place from October 4 through October 7, 2018. I love all the new looks that come around. I love seeing what is ahead in fashion, so I can give my clients choices to what best suits their needs and wants.

Years before I was able to attend and style bridal fashion week events, I was working the law firm life in midtown. But, every fashion week would get me very excited since the shows took place very close to my job at Bryant Park. It’s always exciting when NYC Fashion Week is happening because you never know who you will bump into. Literally.

For me, one afternoon, I was walking by Bryant Park, while texting on my phone, when I noticed a bunch of people simply standing near the sidewalk to my left. I thought it was odd and kept walking straight ahead. I was rushing back to work after lunch in the park. All of a sudden, I bumped into a woman. I was so shocked because I almost took her out flat while she was stepping out of her car. I was mortified and embarrassed because I was not paying attention.

I apologized profusely as she grabbed on to me to stay steady. The people around her gathered around and were very concerned. She laughed and said it was fine and she was an amazing sport. I apologized some more and all she said, “Oh, sweetie. It’s fine. It’s NY. It happens. Are you OK?” I nodded yes and I was appreciative of her grace. I wished her an awesome day and went on my merry way.

As I walked away, I noticed while I was talking to her all these lights were flashing. But, I also felt the woman I bumped into was very familiar to me.

As I turned around, I saw her posing for photos. Those people on the sidewalk were the paparazzi and I almost took out a celebrity.

It was Tyra Banks.

Yeah. I’m still not over it. But, she was such a peach. If I ever bump into her next time, I’ll take a photo. Who knows – maybe I was on Page Six that week anyways.

But, now, my work day is a bit more serene as I look outside bay windows in New Jersey and see lots of grass. No more texting while walking either.

My schedule was a little crazy this October, so I could not make it to any shows for NYC Bridal Fashion Week 2018. I still watched on the sidelines. (Thank you, internet!)

Anyways, without further ado, here are my top picks during Fashion Bridal Week October 2018 in NYC. These picks showcase some of my favorite designs for 2019 so be sure to be on the lookout for all the trends this coming year.

Which one is your favorite? Comment below.

(Special thanks to Phillip Van Nostrand for his beautiful photos of the BHLDN gowns.)

Classic Elegance



Boho Chic

Modern & Flirty

Make an Entrance